Toothy smiles for alligator bedding

Hooray!!! I absolutely adore the ZutanoBlue designs over at Target, and I’m especially excited because among the new ones are some alligator bedding sets.

Ages (and ages and ages) ago, I had looked a crocodile idea for a nursery theme, but that crib set went bye-bye a long time ago and there just hasn’t been much else out there if you wanted to start the theme off with bedding.

Lots of green (duh) paired with blue. The Zutano sets are just in crib and toddler sizes, and you can only get them online. Sorry. Not to be found in your local Target.

ZUTANOBlue Alligator Crib Bedding Set

ZUTANOBlue Alligator Toddler Bedding Set

Given that the new stuff only comes for small kids, I thought I’d check again to see if anything new has come across in alligator bedding for bigger beds. And … well, no. Still the same two sets I was aware of. The Victoria Classics is a great one for a boy’s room, actually, with the reversible comforter that uses tons of plaid. The duvet cover from DENY is a bit girly with the hearts and probably not a design that would suit all tastes.

Victoria Classics Alligator Comforter Set

DENY Designs Andi Bird Alligator Love Duvet Cover