Mickey Mouse Sports Pillows & Blankets

Hey, Mickey! Hey, Mickey!

(Well, she was dressed in a cheerleader outfit in that video, right? My mind goes weird places!)

We’re looking at an interesting connection today – Mickey Mouse and sports. Mostly the NFL, as it turns out, but there are options that include other sports teams. This is actually a great way to mix a couple of themes or heck, just have a little fun.

Mickey Mouse NFL

You’ll find Mickey in your favorite team’s uniform here, most of the time going back for a pass, although he does play kicker a few times.

 Disney/NFL Mickey Pillow and Fleece Throw Set Disney/NFL Mickey Micro Super Soft Raschel Throw Disney/NFL Mickey Fold-Up Body Pillow Disney/NFL Mickey Embroidered Bed Rest Pillow

Far more limited in options, but possibly far cooler are the bedding designs. The comforter sets include a comforter and sham and you can get coordinating sheets sets. But only for the Dallas Cowboys and  New York Jets. Totally odd choices, in my book. There used to be a design for the Giants, but I’ve never seen more than that. Odd.

The blanket just below that also only comes in a limited number of teams, although there used to be a few more in that design in the past.

Mickey Mouse NFL Comforter Sets

Cowboys, Jets only
Coordinating sheets sets

Mickey Mouse Field Kick NFL Blanket

Steelers, Raiders, Cowboys only

Mickey Mouse Sports

Within the rest of the sports world, Mickey has a wee bit less of a connection, it seems. For most of these, there’s only the hugger style blanket with the plush Mickey available and even then not for every team.

For the most part, the designs include Mickey in uniform with the team logo and the ball. I love the background of the baseball hugger style best, with a baseball fitted out with Mickey ears. The NCAA designs are a wee bit different with pennants with mickey’s head and a crest with his full silhouette along with school name and logo.