Wall decals that say it all about boys

snips and snails boy definition wall decal quoteBoys will be boys, right? And there are definitely traits that become the very definition of what it means to be a boy.

Which is why I loved these wall decals I stumbled across. Yes – you can have cars and planes and dinosaurs and trains and other themes that make a room scream “boy” but any of these decals would fit right at home in those rooms, giving them a definite boy stamp no matter what else the room might hold.
boy definition wall decal quoteThe one with the poem about snips and snails we’re all familiar with (complete with picture of the puppy dog tail). Definitely the quintessential definition of a boy! But this other makes me laugh every time I see it – defining a boy as a noise with dirt on it. Too cute!

These other two sayings fall into the sappy, heart-felt, inspirational category. I’m not sure you’d be able to get away with these in anything but a boy nursery or maybe a toddler room. But once they can read, you might expect a little push back on them being too “girly” for your son. The miracle one is definitely something you might expect to see in a nursery, but I love the other one, especially the part about the frog in his pocket.

Great ideas to include in any boy’s bedroom!

boy miracle wall decal quoteboy definition wall decal quote