Car Bedding

What little boy doesn’t love car bedding in his room?

It’s a classic concept for a boy’s bedroom – cars, cars and more cars! And maybe a truck or two thrown in for good measure. Whether Hot Wheels, Tonka or race cars like Speed Racer, car bedding makes for a great bedroom theme.

Check out everything from comforter sets to sheets to blankets below. Everything you need to spark your imagination and decorate your boy’s bedroom with a car theme! I’ve stuck with options that only feature cars here rather than general transportation designs that include planes and trains and other vehicles. And they come in a wide range of colors suitable for a boy’s room, like tan and blue and green and red.

If you’re looking specifically for race car bedding, you can take a look at the Hot Wheels options below or see my other page with just those options. These are sets and designs that evoke the race track.

Car Bedding Sets

From vintage to modern styles of cars

Lots of tans and reds and blues here, with a few traces of green. (Sometimes, way more than a trace!) And the car designs range as well from vintage to more modern, which do tend to be in brighter colors like the green one below. Most of what you’re going to find here is blue, which makes sense since the theme is more of a boy thing.

Brandream Kids Cars, Trains, Planes, Trucks Comforter Set

At Amazon

Twin Pit Crew Quilt
 from: The Land of Nod

Vintage Cars Single Quilt Cover Set

Kart Racing Print 3-Piece Cotton Duvet Cover Sets


Automobile Kingdom Print 4-Piece Cotton Duvet Cover


Hot Selling Kart Racing Print 3-Piece Cotton Kids Duvet Cover Sets


H&M – Race Car Duvet Cover Set


Kyles Car Twin Quilt

Pem America Cars Twin Quilt with Pillow Sham

Teyo's Tires Twin/Full Bedding Set
Teyo’s Tires Twin/Full Bedding Set

At aBaby

Transport, Cars, Vans and Trucks Single Bedding

At Children’s Rooms UK

VW Beetle, Single Bedding

At Children’s Rooms UK

Metropolis Single Bedding

At Children’s Rooms UK

The Mini Car, Single Bedding

At Children’s Rooms UK

Day Trip Single Bedding

At Children’s Rooms UK

Cars and Camper Van Single Bedding

At Children’s Rooms UK
Text repeats “Classic Car, Sports Car, Camper Van, Bug”

Car Sheet Sets

Bright and cheerful colors in a wide range

Twin Pit Crew Sheet Set
 from: The Land of Nod

Pit Crew Race Car Toddler Sheet Set – Pit Crew Toddler Sheet Set

from: The Land of Nod

Cars and Trucks 240 Thread Count Sheet Set

Uneekee Cars Black Patterned Sheet

Uneekee Cars Patterned Sheet

Pem America Cars Twin Sheet Set

H&M – Race Car Pillowcase – Dark gray


Boys’ Sleepy-Time Pillowcase – Racer

At Personal Creations

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