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Hit the Books With Monsters University Bedding

Hooray!! Mike and Sulley are back!

I’ve been a long time a waiting for the new Monsters movie to get here, in part because it means we’d be getting new items for the bedroom. (Always thought it was odd that there hadn’t been anything out there considering how popular the first one was. Not to mention just how generally cool monsters are.)

But all that’s water under the bridge as we now have options for the room. Mostly based on designs of the new Monsters University addition to the franchise, so very preppy school-based items. Lots of plaids and big letters. And of course, turquoise blue from Sulley and lime green from Mike.

If you aren’t keen on the new bedding options, you can hold out for a while to see what other designs might come down the pike. Or pick something else in the proper colors and stick with decor to do the theme. I’ve got ideas and suggestions to get you started on developing your own bedding plan. Then just get some Monster-specific decor to finish off the theme!

Let’s Start with Monsters University Bedding and Sheet Designs

So far, we’ve got a mix of comforters and sheets in big and toddler bed sizes to choose from, along with an absolutely adorable crib set. Although, the crib set is more based on the franchise than the new movie specifically.

We’re looking at blue, blue and more blue so far here. Which makes sense since the Monster University colors are blue and white. It makes for a good neutral to pair with the turquoise and green. Eventually, I expect we’ll start to see the colors branch out a bit.

Putting the toddler set first because, well, it’s my favorite!

Monsters University Bedding Monsters University Bedding
Scarer in Training Toddler Bedding Set

$36.97 at
Mike and Sulley show the proper way to execute a scare on this comforter
Fitted sheet is blue on blue silhouettes of the monsters

Monsters University 4-Piece Reversible Twin Bedding Set

$29.88 at

Monsters University Bedding
Disney Monsters University Comforter

Monsters University – Established 1313
Large image of Scully and Mike in the center of a U
You can’t see them in the picture but Terri & Terry and Squishy are peeking around the outer edges of the U

Monsters University Bedding
Disney Monsters University Sheet Set

Dark blue field with tons of school pennants on it
Pillowcase has Scully and Mike on one side and
Terry & Terri and Scott Squibbles on the other side

Monsters University Bedding
Monsters University Bedding Comforter Set

$59.88-$69.88 at
Large design of Sulley and Mike looking like they’ve made it to friends
School crests kind of watermarked on the dark background
Pennants and patches also add to the design

Monsters University Bedding Sheet Set

$29.88-$39.88 at
School plaid here, with Mike and Sulley practicing their technique on the flat sheet
Fitted sheet is dark blue with pennants and crests emblazoned on it
Pillowcase is reversible with Mike on one side, Sulley on the other, both in full on scare mode

Disney’s Monsters University Stare Comforter, Twin

Disney’s Monsters University Stare Sheet Set, Twin

Monsters Inc University Junior Bed Size Duvet Cover With Pillowcase Set

Monsters University Glow in the Dark Duvet Cover

Monsters Inc ‘University’ Reversible Single Duvet Cover With Pillowcase Rotary Design Set

Monsters Inc University Single Duvet Cover With Pillowcase Rotary Design

Disney Monsters Inc. 4-Piece Crib Bedding Set

Oriented toward the first movie and done in a cartoonish style perfect for baby. I love the fuzzy texture on the orange monster! I wish they had done that with Sulley as well.

Disney Monsters at Play Crib Bedding Collection


“Scary” Blankets & Pillows

If you’d like a different look than the bedding sets up above, a blanket might be a a good choice. And definitely if you’re trying to use solids or a pattern in the right colors but not the theme. Oh – and can you dig the Mike pillow? Complete with retainer!

I have to admit, I generally find the pillow pets of favorite characters to be weird and creepy. And the Mike and Sulley versions are really no exception in my book. Love the Sulley head pillow. Can’t decide if he’s trying to scare or is scared. Or maybe just weirded out himself by the other pillows?

The Northwest Company Monsters University, Greek Geeks Micro Raschel Blanket

Disney® Monsters at Play Play Blanket


Disney Monsters University Blanket

Pennant scattered around and Squishy and Art make an appearance

Monsters University Coral Fleece Blanket

At Fingerhut

Mike Plush Pillow - Monsters University
Mike Plush Pillow

At Disney Store

Monsters University Fleece Throw
Monsters University Fleece Throw

At Disney Store

Disney Monsters University Throw

Mike is showing his school spirit for sure

Disney Monsters University U Oversize Throw Blanket

Disney Pixar Monsters University Pillow

$12.50 at
Design of this one is just too awesome. I love that they included his retainer!

Monsters University Sulley Pillowbuddy

$14.96 at

Monsters University Mike Pillowbuddy

$14.96 at

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