Skateboard Bedding

Get an urban look with this skateboard bedding

Got a rail to grind? Or just want a room that looks that way? Check out the skateboard bedding options below for creating a skater-themed bedroom. Bedding, sheets and, well, not a lot more, actually

One of my favorite things with this particular theme is the lack of any specific color scheme. You get grays and blues and even some orange as you poke around here. Not the black, gray and red you might have expected. A lot of the designs utilize guys on boards (like the pillowcase and sheet set here) but there are a few that focus just on the board.

Stunningly, very few options when we start looking at bedding accessories like throw pillows and blankets. So you’re pretty much left with the bedding and sheet sets to create a base for the room.

Look for Tony Hawk merchandise and more on this page. And check out the graphics to go on the wall and cool designs for the floor on other pages with skater bedroom ideas. You’ll probably want and need those to carry out this theme in the room.

Skateboard Bedding Sets and Sheets

Boards, graffiti and more

An interesting mix here for this theme. My favorite is definitely the SkateLab set, although that has more to do with the impressive number of colors in it than anything. I like to have choices when it comes to the rest of the room. Definitely an urban look with the graffiti and signs. The Dream Factory set has a cool color scheme, but I’m not a huge fan of the skulls.

Skateboard Percale Bedding
Skateboard Percale Duvet Cover

At The Company Store

Skateboard Duvet Cover


Skater, Single Bedding

£12.95 at Children’s Rooms UK

Skateboard Quilt Boys Twin Size

Subway Surfers Twin Reversible Bedding Comforter

$30.97 at

Blue Orange Striped Boys Skateboard Twin 2 Piece Quilt Set

Subtle, since the only boarding is the pillow

Don’t forget to check out eBay for skateboard bedding as well. I’ve found items from all over the world that I don’t see other places, as well as no-longer-produced items like the Pottery Barn skateboard items. Below are just a few of the cool designs you can find there.


Skateboard Sheet Sets

A few more options to add a skater touch

Some of these sets coordinate with the bedding options above, although you certainly can just go for them on their own. The SkateLab ones are pretty subtle with the tiny cameos of skaters grabbing air.

Skateboard Percale Bedding
Skateboard Percale Flat Sheet

At The Company Store

My World Cool Skate Sheet Set

Pricing on these have gone through the roof since they aren’t made anymore


Subway Surfers Twin Sheet Set


Urbanspiders Skateboarding Cotton Sheet Set

Skateboard Pillows & Blankets

Stunning lack of options here and it just keeps getting smaller. In fact, grab this pillow quickly because it’s about to go away as well. Happy to finally see a new blanket option, though.

Super Soft Fleece Throw Skateboard

$13.88 at Fingerhut

Subway Surfers Soaring High 46″ x 60″ Micro Rashcel Throw

$16.81 at

Skate Decorative Toss Pillow

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