Super Mario Bedding

Super Mario Bedding

Mario is my favorite video game character. He’s so upbeat – letza go! – even in the face of unsurmountable odds in the form of Bowser. The advent of the Wii renewed interest in Mario and the gang with a bevy of new games. And now, you can get Mario bedding to carry your love even further.

The bedding sets available now feature graphics based on the Super Mario Kart game (which I totally rock at) and there are a growing number of accessories to add to the mix for a totally Mario room. I’m not entirely sure why they haven’t also done designs that feature other games like Galaxy or Super Mario Bros. You’d think there’d be a lot they could do with those games.

Super Mario Bedding Sets

The biggest difference in the Kart designs in the vehicle. In some Mario’s on the motorcycle, in some in his white and red car.

Nintendo Super Mario Road Rumble 72
Super Mario Road Rumble 72″ x 86″ Comforter


Super Mario Fresh Look Reversible Comforter

Cool! There’s Bowser and Yoshi on this one!

Nintendo Super Mario Fresh Look Sheet Set

Nintendo Mario Maker 2 Piece Duvet/Sheet Set


Nintendo Super Mario Road Rumble Microfiber Sheet Set


Super Mario Pillowcases

Good grief, but there are a ton of these guys. Images from current and past games, poster designs with various characters – many, many choices. This is where we find Galaxy shots.


Super Mario Blankets

Mario ‘We Own The Road’ Twin 62″ x 90″ Blanket


Super Mario Who’s With Me Microraschel Blanket


Nintendo Super Mario Brothers NES Super Plush Throw

Styled like the old school game

Super Mario Pillow


Super Mario Pillow Covers

Comes in Mario on yellow, Luigi on green, Mushroom or Corpse Flower on white

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