Surf Bedding

Catch a wave with surf bedding in this bedroom theme!

Ready to hang ten? Grab your board and let’s take a look at some cool surf bedding. Options with boards in all colors to suit your fancy. Go with a fresh blue scheme that makes you think of the water or bright colors fit for the tropics.

I’ve gathered items that are pretty theme specific here, but you could use just about any fabric design to work with this, really. It’s all about the attitude, and plaid and polka dots can do that just as well. Plus, that makes the bed linens kind of like the swimsuit of the room, right?

Basically, figure out the colors you want to work with, then decide where you want actual surf-related items to be in the room. I’ve got great options to get you started here, but there are a lot of ways to go! Many of the schemes use blue (duh!) paired with red and green, then tan as a neutral. But occasionally, you see some yellow and other shades in there. The girl versions tend to use the same three colors, just as aqua, pink and mint colors with a little orange occasionally.

Surf Bedding

Surfboards and more in great colors

Lots of blue in this collection, of course, paired with browns, greens and yellows most often. Some of these are pretty bright and “look at me”, so they would have to take center stage in the room and everything else revolve around them. Others could be more of a background player.

Pacific Surf Quilted Bedding • Pottery Barn Kids

Surfs Up, Single Bedding
Surfs Up, Single Bedding

at Children’s Rooms UK

DENY Designs Anderson Design Group Surfs Up Duvet Cover

Tropical Hawaiian Kids Bedding 4pc Boys Surf Twin Set by Sweet Jojo Designs

Surfer Bedding – Twin Size Tapa Town Comforter with Sham

Dolce Mela DM435T California Surf 4-Piece Twin Duvet Cover Set

Catch a Wave Quilt Set by Pem America

Includes quilt and sham
Appliqued surfboards paired with hibiscus fabrics

Surfing USA Quilt with Shams

Surf Bedding By Dean Miller — Tradewind Trolly Twin Duvet Cover w/ Sham

Great retro styled fabrics showing palm trees, waves, woody station wagons and boards on the beach. Red, green and blue colors for the most part.

Tropical Girl Surf Bedding Designs

Lots of pink in these sets

Seems like what turns a set into surfer girl is just to turn everything pink. Oh, and maybe toss a few more hibiscus flowers into the mix. Nice thing with the pink is it is often paired with aqua and orange colors, so you get some nice bright choices here.

Surf Girl Pattern Duvet Set


Surfer Girl Bedding

Includes comforter and sham
Hibiscus fabrics in pink and blue with colorful surfboards

Tropical Hawaiian Toddler Bedding 5 pc Girls Surf Bedding Set by Sweet Jojo Designs

C & F Enterprises Surf’s Up Tropic Quilt Set

Surf Sheet Sets and Pillowcases

Not sure why, but we’re back to strictly boy-type colors here.

Boy Zone Surfboard Sheet Set

Tommy Hilfiger Pillow Case and Print Sheet Set, Surfs Up Blue

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