WWE Bedding

WWE Bedding Is the Main Event for This Bedroom

Let’s get ready to rumble!

If your child is a wrestling fan, you’ve probably already had the request to add WWE bedding to the bed. With a few John Cena posters on the side. Well, I’ve tracked down the best pricing possible on the Main Event bedding set put out by WWE, so you can do his room up in style.

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WWE Bedding and Sheet Sets

The star of this main event

WWE Industrial Strength Twin Sheet Set

WWE Ringside Twin Comforter

Character World Wwe Superstars Double Panel Duvet Set

At AmazonUK

WWE Blankets

For staying warm between rounds

WWE How We Act 50″ x 60″ Microfleece Blanket

$19.99 at Walmart.com

WWE Showdown Tonight 90″ x 62″ Micro Raschel Blanket

$15.90 at Walmart.com

WWE Night Time Throwdown 46″ x 60″ Micro Raschel Throw

$14.88 at Walmart.com

WWE Power of the “W” 50″ x 60″ Microfleece Throw

$14.97 at Walmart.com

WWE Masked Man Throw

$16 at Walmart.com

Character World WWE Superstars Fleece Blanket

At AmazonUK

John Cena Wwe Raw Fleece Blanket

WWE Pillows

Perfect for starting a fight, of course

WWE Ringside Pillow

$14.96 at Walmart.com

WWE The Champ Belt Pillow

$19.98 at Walmart.com

WWE Powerful Pounce Decorative Pillow

$13.97 at Walmart.com

Character World Wwe Superstars Printed Plush Cushion

At AmazonUK
Available for shipping to US

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