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Justin Bieber Bedding

Catch Bieber Fever with Justin Bieber bedding for the bedroom

If your heart throbs for Justin Bieber, bring him into your bedroom with some great bedding sets, sheets, blankets and pillows – all with Justin’s cute face on them. With all the pink and purple, it’s likely any of these pieces could be worked into your girl’s bedroom with no trouble at all.

There are currently four different lines of Justin Bieber bedding available, although that availability tends to change quite often. I’ve tried to find you the best price in choosing the sets featured below.

And if Justin Bieber bedding might be a bit more than you want to commit to, check out the throw pillows, posters, clocks and other decor items. The Justin Bieber posters include the same images and a lot of the pink and purple colorings as well.

Justin Bieber Bedding Sets

Lots of purple, stars and girly splashes

It’s the ultimate way to decorate your bedroom with Justin Bieber – a bedding set with his face splashed all over it. There are several sets that use older pictures of Justin that are getting tough to find, but frankly, I like the newer pictures and color schemes. Darker purples are more the feature now, with lots of swirls and stars and animal prints.

Justin Bieber bedding zebra
Justin Bieber “Zebra” Comforter Set

Includes comforter and sham
Purple, pink and turquoise colors

Justin Bieber bedding dark purple comforter set
Justin Bieber Micro Comforter

At Target.com
Twin size only
Darker purples with the pics of Bieber from the Boyfriend album
Online only, not in stores

Justin Bieber bedding
Justin Bieber Starburst Comforter Set

Mostly purple with a touch of blue
Features Bieber’s face and signature
Full/queen size – three pieces
Twin size set

Character World Justin Bieber Stars Double Panel Duvet Set

At AmazonUK

Character World 200 x 200 cm Justin Bieber Autograph Double Panel Duvet Set

At AmazonUK

Justin Bieber Horizon Single Duvet + Pillowcase Official Licensed 50% Cotton

At AmazonUK

Bed set Justin BIEBER Quilt cover 140 x 200 cm

At AmazonUK

Chic Justin Bieber Wanted Panel Duvet Cover Set

At AmazonUK

Justin Bieber Sheet Sets

Lots of hearts on these purple and white options

If you’re trying to make your girl happy without the big commitment of a bedding set, you can slip her some Justin Bieber sheets. These came out in coordination with the comforters above, but could pair with any black, white, purple bedding.

Justin Bieber Sheet Set

At Target.com
Purple zebra print with hearts and Bieber’s signature
Coordinates with the comforter at the top

Justin Bieber Pillowcases

Some of these are from older bedding sets, but a few are listed as “custom” on Amazon and incorporate art from posters and other photos of Bieber. I’ve picked out my favorites, all of which involve more recent pictures related to his latest album. You can also find others with older pictures where he’s sporting the swoopy hairdo if that’s what you prefer.

Justin Bieber Pillowcase – Signature ‘Justin’s World’







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