Dinosaur Crib Bedding

Dinosaur Crib Bedding For a Prehistoric Nursery

Keep the roaring down! Baby’s sleeping!

Dinosaurs are such a cute idea for a nursery theme, don’t ya think? I’m kind of surprised at how few crib bedding sets there are out there that feature them though. Given the fact that almost every little boy (and quite a few girls) go through a phase of obsession with them, it seems natural as a choice for mom to make for their first room.

Still, while they are few, these dinosaur crib bedding sets are definitely mighty with absolutely adorable renditions of the T-rex, brontosaurus, triceratops and stegosaurus as the most typical inclusions. (One even tosses in a pterodactyl and volcano for good measure.)

If you’re in to bright colors like me, prepare to be a wee bit disappointed in general here. Because pretty much everything is brown and green. And brown again. Some might include some muted blues or a splash of orange, but for the most part, that’s what you’ll find. I do have two I’ve tracked down that are blue-based though (hooray), to give you a little variety.

Dinosaur Crib Bedding Sets

Some really cute options here, including a little bit of blue. The first is new and my current favorite. It’s as close as we get to bright colors in this theme and brings in a few more colors than green and brown.

Patch Magic Set

$125.00 at Wayfair

iPlay Origins Organic Blue Dinos Cotton Crib Set

Dinosaur Land 11 pc. Crib Bedding Set

CoCaLo 8 Piece Crib Set, Dinos at Play

(Check out this Dinosaur Doodles mural. Great pairing!)

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