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Guitar Bedding

Guitar bedding for a rock and roll theme

A rock and roll bedroom is music to our ears (and eyes?). Start it off right with a guitar bedding set. One of my favorites is the dark red comforter in the picture here.

Go dark and rowdy or pink and poppy – your call. This is one of those themes where the designs are just really fabulous and fun – not too grown up, but definitely not little kid either. Something you and your teen can agree on for sure.

For reasons that escape me, a lot of the choices here trend toward gray and red, but there have been quite a few new options that take advantage of the trends around aqua and lime green. When you get down into pillows, there are tons of shaped styles that come in bright colors, perfect to pair with more muted items on the bed.

Guitar Bedding Sets

Where it’s only rock and roll allowed

Way too many black and red options here, so I was excited to see Target’s new line that incorporates lime green, turquoise and gray. If you aren’t after those brighter colors, the rock anthem set is a nice alternative in black.

Guitar with Stave Print Bedding Sets

At Amazon.com

Rockstar Comforter Set
Rockstar Comforter Set

At Target.com

Guitar Duvet Cover Set

Rock and Roll Theme Comforter Set

Grey Rock Guitar Comforter Bedding Set

Rock Comforter Set

Reverses to a cool block icon design

Musical Instruments Guitar Light Blue Comforter Set

CocoQueen Guitar Print Duvet Set

Guitar Crib Bedding Sets

Get them dreaming early of musical careers

Little Fern GS11001E Happy Notes with a Beautiful Comforter and Bumper
Little Fern Happy Notes Crib Bedding

At Comfort Market
7 piece set includes comforter, bumper, fitted sheet, crib skirt, diaper stacker, pillow with separate pillowcase

Baby Guitars Crib Bedding Set

Guitar Sheets and Pillowcases

Guitar Rhythm Sheet Set

Dreaming of Guitar Pillowcase

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