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Ocean Bedding

Ocean Bedding That Isn’t All Wet

It’s a cool, blue bedroom theme down under the sea

Fish swimming by, colorful coral – a beautiful undersea scene that you can bring home to your child’s bedroom. It’s a great bedroom theme for either gender with lots of animal options and tons of color.

Blue is the typical color you’ll find here, although it does range from bright royal to soft aqua. If you’re looking for bedding for a girl in this theme, I’d definitely stick with the aqua colors, preferably in a set that includes a lot of other hues as well that can be used around the room. I was obsessed with sharks when I was around 10, so this is definitely a doable look for a girl’s bedroom.

Check out the options below featuring fish of all kinds, dolphins, sharks, whales, crabs and let’s not forget the octopus!

Ocean Bedding Sets

You’ll find most of your options run in blue – whether royal or turquoise. There are almost always a few other colors tossed into the mix, with orange and green being the most common. There are a few sets with pinks and purples and yellows used that would work for a girl, if you’re looking for that. Actually, if you are doing a girl’s room, definitely check out the turquoise based sets as a starting point.

Lush Décor SeaLife Quilt Set
Lush Décor SeaLife Quilt Set

At Target.com

Seahorses Comforter Set - Pillowfort
Seahorses Comforter Set – Pillowfort

At Target.com

Mi Zone Kids Under The Sea Comforter Set

At Kohls.com

DENY Designs Aimee St Hill Techno Fish Duvet Cover, Twin

Ocean Park Duvet Cover Set

Room Magic Comforter Set, Tropical Seas

blue Sharky duvet cover and pillow case set
blue ‘Sharky’ duvet cover and pillow case set

At Debenhams
From the UK, so make sure you double-check sizing and what pieces you get

Ocean Sheet Sets

Ocean Creatures Sheet Set

At Amazon.com

Shark Fins Sheet Set

At Amazon.com

Cynthia Rowley Colorful Fish Sheet Set

At Amazon.com

Underwater World Happy Fish Printed Sheet Set

At Amazon.com

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