The Lion King Bedding

Hakuna Matata your way to a great bedroom

The Lion King characters just make us smile, with their carefree singing about Hakuna Matata and Simba’s crazy ideas of what it means to be king. My toes are tapping just thinking about them!

I was thrilled when Disney finally got around to creating Lion King bedding and other decor items perfect for a kids bedroom or nursery. Lots of browns and golds from the savanna and Simba, lots of greens from the jungle area. Bring them together and you have a perfect Disney theme for a room!

And now with the introduction of Kion and Lion Guard, we’ve got more options available. Unlike before, Lion Guard items actually come in twin sizes, so much better than what we had previously.

Lion King Bedding

Lion Guard Comforter


Lion Guard Comforter
Lion Guard Comforter


Lion King Bedding
Lion King – Jungle Beat 4-piece Toddler Bedding Set

Lots of Crib Bedding Sets

The one from Disney Store at the top is their most popular seller in all bedding these days. Easy to understand why, of course. People waited a long time for them to come out with this theme and are taking advantage of it now that it’s here. Baby Simba and Naya are pretty much on all the sets, included with a mix of giraffe, zebra and leopard prints in the backgrounds. Sometimes with a little bit of gingham and with accents of greens and oranges.

Lion King Simba 3-piece Crib Bedding Set

Lion King “Nala” 3pc Crib Bedding Set

A pink-purple paired with gray

Disney Baby the Lion King 4 Piece Crib Set


The Lion King Pillows & Blankets

In keeping with the fact that there is more baby bedding than older kid bedding, the blankets tend to lean toward infant sizes and styles as well. Which is fine. Simba makes for a very cute cub!

Lion Guard Throw


Lion Guard Blanket


Pillow Buddy -- Lion Guard Kion
Pillow Buddy — Lion Guard Kion


Disney Lion King “Simba” Plush with Blanket

$14.84 at

The Lion King Infant's Fuzzy Blanket
The Lion King Infant’s Fuzzy Blanket


Infant's Lion King Plush Blanket
Infant’s Lion King Plush Blanket


My Pillow Pets Authentic Disney Simba Folding Plush Pillow

Disney Lion King Decorative Pillow, Green

Disney Lion King Blanket, Green

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2 Comments on “The Lion King Bedding”

  1. Hello I have been looking everywhere for Lion King Bed set for a cotbed. I love the Disney Lion King ‘Cubs’ Rotary Single Bed Duvet Quilt Cover Set which you have. Can you tell me if thee will be anymore back in stock soon? I am willing to pay postage from overseas if that is my only option. If you don’t have any more do you know of anywhere that I can find it?

    Thanks for your time

    • I don’t actually sell any of the items on the site. They come from other places like Amazon and Target. You’d have to check with them about whether something will be in stock.

      I’ve noticed that there was a big surge of Lion King bedding for a little while, but most of it was (and still is) nursery bedding. I checked several other sites in the US and internationally and all list that particular set as being out of stock.

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