Autograph Pillows

Autograph Pillows That Make Great Keepsakes

Snuggle up with a few memories

Whether you’re off to camp or planning a sleepover, an autograph pillow is a great way to preserve memories. Have all your friends take time to put their names and a message on your pillow so you can remember them forever.

Pillowcases are a little easier for carrying to camp and come in a wide range of designs. Pick out a favorite and you’re all set.

The autograph pillows and pillowcases below come with permanent markers, although you could supply your own if you wanted colors other than black. They make great favors and activities for parties, as well as unique gift for a slumber party.

Tie-Dye Styles

Lots of crazy bright colors here, perfect for fun with friends. The lack of white space can make it tough to see the writing, though, so make sure you use a wide tipped black pen.

Tie-Dye Smiley Autograph Pillow, Camp Autograph Pillow

Tie-Dye Peace Pillow, Camp Autograph Pillow

Tie-Dye Smiley Autograph Pillow, Camp Autograph Pillow

Tie-Dye Roll Pillow, Camp Autograph Pillow

Fun Shapes and Designs

Sneaker Friends Forever Pillow, Camp Autograph Pillow

iscream / ‘S’mores’ Autograph Microbead Pillow

Camp Autograph Pillow, Roll Friends

Square Shapes and Designs

Lovely Tye Dyed Autograph pillows, With Zipper

Smilie Face Camp Autograph Pillow

Says “My friends make me smile”

Eat/Sleep/Friends, Jersey Knit Camp Autograph Pillow

Camp Autograph Pillow, EAT,SLEEP,FRIENDS,

Black Graffiti Autograph Pillow, Camp Autograph Pillow 368

Camp/Smile, Jersey Knit Camp Autograph Pillow, Color Red

17″ Autograph Pillow w/ Pen

Autograph Pillowcases

ShindigZ Her Highness Autograph Pillowcase

Stephen Joseph Autograph Pillowcase – Cheer

Bunk Junk Stamp Peace Sign Autograph Pillow Case for Home Camp Sleepaway and Travel

Bunk Junk Peace Love Multi Lingual Autograph Pillow Case for Home Camp Sleepaway and Travel

Bunk Junk Cool Skate Autograph Pillow Case for Home Camp Sleepaway and Travel

Sports Designs

Autograph Soccer Pillowcase

Play Ball Autograph Pillowcase by Penny Laine Papers

Stephen Joseph Pillowcase – Sports

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