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Skylanders Blankets And Pillows

Skylanders Blankets And Pillows

Great options here in Skylanders blankets and pillows for the little Skylanders fan in your life. Most feature a group of characters, although Spyro and Eruptor do get their own pieces. Oh, and Chop Chop. Pick by color or by his favorite one!

Skylanders Blankets

Skylanders Eruptor 46″ x 60″ Micro Raschel Throw

$19.97 at Walmart.com

Gaming Monster Twin Blanket

$22.88 at Walmart.com

Silk Touch Throw

$21.97 at Walmart.com

Skylanders Blanket

At Target.com

Skylanders Character Hugger Pillow and Throw Set – Chop Chop

Skylanders Character Hugger Pillow and Throw Set – Spyro

Skylander Giants 4 Character Micro Raschel Throw Blanket

Skylanders Pillows

Skylanders Spyro Power Back Rest Pillow

At Walmart.com

Skylanders Pillow Cube

Skylanders Bed Pillow

Skylanders Blue Water Dragon Decorative Pillow

At Walmart.com
(Also found at Target and Amazon, but this was the best price)

Skylanders Fight Me Pillow


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