Super Mario Blankets and Pillows

Super Mario Blankets and Pillows

We’re starting to see more Super Mario bedding options (hooray!) but if you don’t find something you like, you can grab one of these blankets to use as you main bedding instead. Or a few of the throw pillows to help set the theme. The ones at the end are really cute plush pillows and cushions of various game elements and characters perfect to fit with this theme.

Super Mario Back Rest Pillow

$12.97 at

Nintendo Super Mario Are U Ready Dec Pillow, Multi

Nintendo Mario The Real Thing Cuddle Pillow

Super Mario Mushrooms Print Decorative Pillow Covers

Mario Throw

Super Mario Bedding Race is On: “Time to Team Up”

Super Mario Bedding Race is On: “Who’s With Me”

Super Mario “”Big Bros”” Throw

Super Mario Brothers Fleece Blanket Rotary 100% Polyester

Super Mario Blankets and Pillows
Super Mario Leaping Mario Twin Blanket BLUE

Super Mario Blankets and Pillows
Nintendo Super Mario Go Fast Slumberbag

Mario Pillows of All Kinds

Featuring our favorite plumber and his friends

Super Mario Cylinder Cushion

Green Mushroom

Mario Hat Cushion

Luigi Hat Cushion

Goomba Plush PIllow

Boo Cushion Plush


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