Winnie the Pooh Pillows and Blankets

Winnie the Pooh Pillows and Blankets

Love the Hundred Acre Woods gang? They certainly make a great theme for a nursery or toddler room. But, there are some sophisticated ways to bring them in, some with these great Winnie the Pooh pillows and blankets I’ve tracked down.

There’s less of a mix here in terms of the Disney cartoon vs. the original book drawings, but still some good looking items in a range of colors sure to please.

Winnie the Pooh Pillows

Disney Winnie The Pooh I Did Know Once Only I’ve Forgotton Cushion

At AmazonUK
Eligible for US shipping

Disney Tigger Think Less Bounce More Cushion

At AmazonUK

Julius Disney Adorable Pooh Pillow

Pillow Pets – Winnie The Pooh Folding Plush Pillow

Pillow Pets Tigger

Pillow Pets Eeyore Folding Plush Pillow

Disney Pooh’s Hunny Spot Pooh Head Shaped Cushion

At AmazonUK
Eligible for US shipping

Disney Tigger Head Shaped Cushion

At AmazonUK
Eligible for US shipping

Disney Pooh’s Hunny Spot Cushion

At AmazonUK
Eligible for US shipping

Winnie the Pooh Blankets

The blankets are kind of all over the place, from soft colors in baby blankets to bright colors in large bed blankets. If you want the blanket to match the decor, keep an eye out for the colors first, then the design. If it doesn’t matter, go with what looks the most fun!

Even though Pooh is yellow and red, a lot of these blankets are green or pink.

Winnie the Pooh Scenic Fleece Blanket

Winnie the Pooh Printed Velboa Blanket

$16.00 at

Winnie the Pooh Happy Morning Luxury Plush Throw

$15.00 at

Pooh Plush Blanket

Pooh Hunting for Hunny High Pile Blanket

Disney Winnie the Pooh Throw

Disney Winnie the Pooh, Sweet Summer Day Tapestry Throw

Disney Winnie The Pooh Blanket – Fleece Blanket

Awww. Eeyore gets a group hug

Winnie the Pooh Cheerful and Friendly Micro Raschel Throw Blanket

Says “All the world is honey and life is very sweet”

Winnie the Pooh Yummy Hunny Micro Raschel Blanket

Winnie the Pooh Ooey Gooey Lightweight Fleece Throw Blanket

Disney Winnie the Pooh “Silly Old Bear” Coral Fleece Blanket with Satin Trim

Northwest Company Winnie the Pooh “Sweet Summer” Fleece Blanket

Fleece Throw Blankets – Winnie The Pooh

Looks like they’re playing London Bridges Falling Down

Disney TIGGER Royal Plush Blanket

Pooh Bear Family Fleece Blanket

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