Doc McStuffins Bedding

Take inspiration from the colors – purple, pink, turquoise – and patterns – stripe, dot, stitched – of Doc McStuffins.

Doc McStuffins Is In … the Bedroom!

Bring the Disney Junior resident doc home with you

Have you met Doc McStuffins yet? If you have a young girl, odds are she’s become a staple on your television set. The cute six-year-old Dottie wants to be a doctor someday like her mother and her pretend adventures as a doctor are the focus of the show.

Dottie’s a great inspiration for little girls with her helping attitude and big dreams. Oh, and she’s one of the first African-American leads in a cartoon show for Disney. So she’s a pleasant change from some of the fare on TV, and a great idea for your girl’s bedroom decor.

Doc McStuffins is pretty new on the scene, so we’re just now starting to get bedding lines with her as the feature, making it possible to do a Doc McStuffins-themed room. Of course, you could also go the extra mile and decorate your child’s room to look like Dottie’s on the show. That’s the choice right now – doing a room like Dottie’s or decorating the room with her. Either way, I’ve got you covered with ideas for all around the room!

The colors we’re working with here are bold, bright, cheery – hues like hot pink, turquoise and purple. Dottie’s outfit of purple stripes, pink polka dots and white lab coat are a great place to start in choosing colors and patterns. Add in the turquoise used in the show’s logo and you have a nice palette to choose from.

Doc McStuffins Bedding

Full of the colors from the show

Hooray! We’re finally starting to see bedding for Doc McStuffins! It’s all in twin size (for now), although I have seen a toddler set. I just can’t find it actually available to buy yet. My favorite is the bandage print sheet set. Way cute!

Doc McStuffins Bedding twin comforter
Doc McStuffins Microfiber Twin Comforter

Disney Doc McStuffin Comforter Set, Twin

Says “smiles and hugs given here”
Reversible – other side is light purple with large dark purple, pink and turquoise hearts.

Disney Doc McStuffins Comforter, Twin

Says “I prescribe a cuddle”

Doc Mcstuffins Bedding Collection

Comforter – $39.99
Sheet Set – $19.99

Doc McStuffins Girl's Twin Sheet Set
Doc McStuffins Girl’s Twin Sheet Set

$23.99 at

Disney 4 Piece Toddler Set, Doc Mcstuffins

Disney Doc McStuffins Good as New 4-Piece Toddler Bedding Set

$38.97 at

Doc McStuffins Bedding sheets
Disney Doc McStuffins Sheet Set

$21.99 at

Disney Doc McStuffins Girl's Twin Sheet Set - Bandage Print
Disney Doc McStuffins Girl’s Twin Sheet Set – Bandage Print

$21.99 at

Disney Doc McStuffins Girl's Pillowcase - Bandage Print
Disney Doc McStuffins Girl’s Pillowcase – Bandage Print

$6.99 at

Character World Disney Doc McStuffins Patch Single Rotary Duvet Set, Multi-Color

At AmazonUK

Character World 200 x 200 cm Disney Doc McStuffins Patch Double Rotary Duvet Set

At AmazonUK

Character World Disney Doc Mcstuffins Patch Junior Rotary Bedding Bundle, Multi-Color

At AmazonUK

Doc McStuffins Blankets & Pillows

Disney “Doc McStuffins, Lambie Hugs” Fleece Throw with Hugger, 40 by 50-Inch

Doc McStuffins Pillow Cube

$17.99 at

Doc McStuffins Fleece Blanket
Doc McStuffins Fleece Blanket

$29.95 at Disney Store
Love how they crossed the “A” with a bandage

Disney Doc McStuffins Body Pillow

$12.99 at

Disney Doc McStuffins Bed Rest

$17.99 at

Disney Doc McStuffins Girl's Fleece Blanket
Disney Doc McStuffins Girl’s Fleece Blanket

$24.99 at

Disney Doc McStuffins Blanket

$24.99 at

Girl's Bed Rest Pillow - Doc McStuffins
Girl’s Bed Rest Pillow – Doc McStuffins

$15.29 at

Lambie Plush Pillow
Lambie Plush Pillow

$15 at Disney Store

Disney Doc McStuffins Throw

$14.99 at

Character World Disney Doc McStuffins Patch Fleece Blanket, Multi-Color

At AmazonUK
Eligible for US shipping

Character World Disney Doc Mcstuffins Patch Shaped Printed Plush Cushion, Multi-Color

At AmazonUK
Eligible for US shipping

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