Airplane Banks

Airplane Banks

Don’t let your savings fly away!

Your little aviator needs a place to keep all those quarters grandpa pulls out of his ear, right? Give him an airplane bank to keep on the shelf to store his savings. (I’m sure he’s saving up for flying lessons!)

Nice touches to add to a themed bedroom or just as a gift for an aviation lover. Cartoony styles for the nursery right through collectibles. The chunky cartoon styles are just adorable and perfect as a gift at a shower for a new baby boy. The bright colors should work with just about any of the various crib sets out there. The more collectible styles look like models and are great for older kids or anyone who happens to love aviation.

The silver version shown here is definitely meant as a baby gift, something that could turn into a collectible. The silver coloring makes it ok for an adult, but I still find the style of aircraft to be a bit childish. But your mileage may vary, as it does with just about any personal taste and style and gift.

My favorites are the ones for a nursery that aren’t the bright and brash colors. I love the soft shades on the traditional piggy shape painted with a plane on the side.

Cartoony Style Designs

Perfect for a nursery decor

Bright colors and chubby designs make these perfect for younger children. Several of these have a retro military style, perfect if you’re leaning that direction in your theme. The two bi-planes are also nice for a retro theme, although they aren’t in the typical muted colors you expect from that style.

Red & Blue Bi-Plane Bobble Piggy Bank

WWII Bomber Plane Bank

German WWII Fighter Plane Piggy Bank

Mud Pie Baby Oh Boy Giant Plane Bank

So cute! The tail says “Oh, Boy! Airlines”

Ceramic Airplane Coin Piggy Bank

Jumbo Blue Bi-Plane Coin Bank

Ceramic Airplane Colorful Kids Money Coin Bank

Your choice of four color combinations

Kangaroo G51001 Optikos Airplane Money Bank

Child to Cherish Piggy Bank, Airplane

By far my favorite and definitely the odd one out as it’s an actual classic pig shape.

Model Style Designs

Money savers that look like you built them

Great for a collector or a more realistic look


Chrome Collector’s Edition ERTL Die-Cast Spokane Sun God 1929 Buhl CA-6 Sesquiplane Bank

Wings of Texaco 9th in Series

Gearbox STINSON DETROITER Gulf Oil Plane BANK Airplane

Reed & Barton Silver Plate Airplane Bank

Tarnish proof, gift-boxed and even some of the parts move

Fascinations Art Cube Design

The jet looks as though it’s hovering in mid-air! In fact, it looks three-dimensional, so just where does the money go when you drop it in the top? Note that several reviews mention how small this money saver is, so keep that in mind. Better for a novelty gift or decorative object than for actual saving, it sounds like.

Fascinations Art Bank Airplane

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