Ballerina Lighting

Ballerina Lighting

Time for the spotlight on stage

Don’t forget the ballerina lighting when you’re planning your ballet bedroom theme. And there are some really cute choices for you!

Lamps with pointe shoes, chandeliers with fluffy feathers, night lights with Degas’ famous paintings – so many choices. Go with one that compliments the rest of the decor you’ve chosen or use it as the feature piece in the room.

The emphasis for each piece is a little different with shoes being the most common motif on just about everything. Tutus are a natural for lamp shades, though, and full dancers do show up here and there. Oh, and yes, it’s just about all in pink. Which you probably expected.

Designs for the Table Top

Lots of fluff and ruffles here, but it makes sense because this is definitely the place to apply a tutu design. To that end, there are feathers and tulle making skirts around the bottom of shades, while the bases show dancers and slippers ready for action.

Ballerina Princess Lamp
Dancer Princess Lamp

$135 at
Choose from five different shade designs to work with your decor
All pink, just different styles
Style shown is Pirouette Pink
16″ tall
Free shipping

Ballerina Lamp
Ballerina Lamp

$149 at
Sparkle shade with boa trim

Oopsy daisy Ballet Positions Lamps by  Kristina Bass Bailey  White Base in
Oopsy daisy Ballet Positions Lamps by Kristina Bass Bailey

$69.00 at Oopsy Daisy

Oopsy daisy Ballet Class Lamps by  Winborg Sisters  White Base in
Oopsy daisy Ballet Class Lamps by Winborg Sisters

$69.00 at Oopsy Daisy

Set of 2 Pink Ballerina Tutu Shade Table Lamps

Ballet Wall Lights

Ballerina Princess Sconce
Slippers and Ribbon Sconce

$119 at
Coordinates with the ceiling fixture farther down the page

Ballerina Night Lite Designs

Fine Porcelain Ballerina Dress Plug in Night Light

LED Lighted Pink Ballet Dancer Ballerina Slipper Figure Night Light

Ballerinas Decorative Night Light

Oopsy Daisy Ballet Slippers Night Light by Shelly Kennedy

$29.00 at Oopsy daisy

Ceiling Fixtures

Little Girls Ballerinas Ceiling Fan
Little Girls Ballerinas Ceiling Fan

$79.00 at aBaby

Ballerina Slippers Chandelier
Slippers Chandelier

$959 at

Ballerina Princess Chandelier
Slippers and Ribbon Chandelier

$281 at

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