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Car Lights

Car Lights and Lamps

Brighten up their room with these designs

Get some light on the road ahead with great car designs perfect for this bedroom theme. Your little boy will love the great table lamps or maybe a ceiling fan with models on the blades. No matter what you choose, it’s sure to be the right finishing touch for a car lover’s room.

I’ve collected not just designs with autos, but also ones that work with the theme like stop signals. While you might not think you could have too many vehicles in the room, there comes a time to work in other elements than just automobiles. Some of these are shaped designs like the night lite pictured here, which I happen to like best.

The ceiling fans have disappeared for the moment, although I did round up a couple of cute pull chains. I’ve tried to mostly stick with normal vehicles rather than racing ones, since that’s a theme on its own.

Keep Away the Dark at Night

A ton of vehicle shapes to be found here, as well as full images and a stop signal. Love that one! Most have adjustable bases to work with any outlet direction. I do wish they had more colors than red and blue, though.

Wall Glow Car Night Light

 Red Car Bedroom Night Light Oopsy Daisy Red Car Night Light Blue Car Bedroom Night Light NoJo Car Night Light Traffic Signal Night Light


Styles for the Table Top

A few of these will work well for reading in bed or working at a desk. But the signals are definitely just for accent use. When you move outside the racing world, the designs definitely become a bit more cartoony in nature, possibly more suited to a nursery or younger child’s room. Unless you hit upon something with vintage vehicles, that is, like the last one.

Sphere Lamp in Blue Car Character

Automotive Small Lamp

Petit Tresor Luca Lamp with Shade

At Target.com

Sammy Beepbeep Table Lamp

Transportation – Vintage Cars Sport Silver Lamp

Features the Vega along with a bunch of cars from around the world you might not have heard of
like the Alpine, Ghia, Simca and Bogward

Cal Lighting Formula One Race Car with Nite Light

Model Race Car Table Lamp

Guidecraft Retro Racers Table Lamp

Race Cars Accent Table Lamp

Muscle Cars Accent Table Lamp

Lamp-In-A-Box Vintage Race Cars Tripod Lamp

Traffic Lights

No cars here, but perfect for use with this particular theme. (Unless you’re doing race cars. No lights there!)

There are plenty out there – many meant just for party use – so I tried to stick to ones that had good reviews.

 Traffic Stop Light Blinking Traffic Light Wall-Mount Traffic Light Traffic Light with Stand

Ceiling and Wall Choices

Beep Beep Transportation Sconce
Beep Beep Transportation Sconce

$119 at aBaby.com

Blue Car Ceiling Fan Pull Chain

New Image Concepts 42 in. Ceiling Fan with Lamp – Checkered Flag Race Car

Hot Rod Cars Ceiling Fan

Elk 2-Light Race Car Pendant In Satin Nickel

Rikki Knight Round Car Switch Plates

Come in red, blue, purple, green and many other colors


Artitude by HomePlates SPEED-ST Acrylic Switchplate

Automotive Car Shaped Theme Single Switchplate

3dRose LLC Check Black and White Checkered Squares Single Toggle Switch

Blue Cartoon Car Bedroom Chandelier

Niermann Standby Pendant Lamp, Racing Car

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