Danger and Warning Signs

Cool Danger and Warning Signs for a Teen Bedroom

Because some kids should come with labels …

Yeah – there are lots of reasons to hang warning signs on a teen boy’s bedroom. (The gas mask seems particularly relevant at times, doesn’t it?)

But, these images are more likely to just appeal to the rebel side of your child. Whether coordinating them with a military-themed bedroom or just showing some attitude, these danger postings will be right at home on a teenager’s wall.

The designs below range from those for real fallout shelters and Area 51 to the whimsical zombie alerts. A lot of these are made of tin (which are going to be pretty heavy and will need special care in hanging) to posters that can just be thumbtacked up.

Fallout Shelter Designs

Not exactly a warning sign, but a path to safety when there is a nuclear accident. (Like a gym bag that hasn’t been emptied for an entire semester.)

Fallout Shelter Tin Metal Vintage Waring Sign
Fallout Shelter Tin Metal Vintage Waring Sign

Fallout Shelter Wall Decal
Fallout Shelter Wall Decal

Available in four sizes
Reusable up to 100 times

Chemical and Biological Hazards

Gas Mask Area Warning Sign
Gas Mask Area Warning Sign

Poison Gas Area Warning Sign
Poison Gas Area Warning Sign

Biohazard Vintaged Metal

Danger Radiation Vintaged Metal

Nuclear Vintaged Metal

Danger Gasoline Axis Military Vintage Metal

Area 51 Markers

Area 51 Vintaged Metal

Restricted Area

Danger Mines Vintaged Metal Sign

Danger Restricted Area Metal Sign

Personalized Designs

Personalized Danger Sign

$19.99 at Personal Creations
Personalize two lines of this sign
21 characters on the first, 15 on the second


Posters and tin signs to hang

Zombie Fallout Shelter Poster

Choose from framed or unframed

Zombie Feeding

Zombie Caution Poster

Warning Zombies Tin Sign

Zombie Notice Poster

Comes framed or unframed

Zombie Hunters Only Poster

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