Disney Princess Lights and Lamps

Disney Princess Lights and Lamps

Glowing like they’ve been to a ball

The Disney Princesses have been to the balls, found their princes and are living happily ever after. Why shouldn’t they be glowing?

Capture some of that light and magic for your little girl’s bedroom with a Disney Princess light. Table lamps for bedtime reading or homework, night lights for your toddler or a ceiling fan to finish off the room. There are some great options here easily added to any girl’s room!

For the most part, we’re in full princess mode with the girls all in their ball gowns. Choose based on your girl’s favorite or on the color of the dress that best matches the room. If you go for the group designs, you’re going to be working with pink. (I bet your daughter will not complain!) That is the standard shade for the DP line, so it makes sense.

A lot of these designs haven’t caught up with the current group, so there aren’t any that feature Merida or Rapunzel, although we do see Tiana some, like the figure light in the picture. For the most part, we’re looking at Cinderella, Belle and Aurora holding up the fort here, which makes sense since they’re the stock three usually seen on DP items.

The vast majority of your lighting choices fall in the night light range, perfect for a toddler who is just moving into their big-girl bed or for keeping in the bathroom to light the way.

Disney Princess Ball Gown Figure Lamps

By far my favorite options, even if they aren’t really that great at providing light. I just love the idea of them all glowing in their beautiful gowns. I do wish they had more of the line available as well.

 Cinderella Figural Nightlight The Princess and the Frog Figural Nightlight Snow White Figural Nightlight

 Cinderella EVA Crystal Light Belle Indoor Eva Lamp Sleeping Beauty Lamp

Disney Princess Table Lamps

I really do wish there were a few more options here with the lamps and shades. Most girls haven’t grown out of their princess phase by the time they need lights for homework and reading, and frankly, few of these really meet the need for that. They’re nice low-level lights that provide decoration and function for a night light but not a whole lot more beyond that. Too bad, really. Still, quite a bit of glitz and glitter and sparkly bits that do make them pretty as decoration at least.

Disney Princesses Table Lamp

At Walmart.com

Disney – Princess Crown Eva Pink Night Lamp

At Walmart.com

Disney Princess Carriage EVA Table Lamp – One Size


Reading and Night Lights

Low wattage designs for sleeping

Here we go with the chunk of what I can find. Lots of pink, lots of plug-ins, all great for your youngest girls. And fortunately, not that expensive so you can easily put several in all the places she’ll want them.

3D Light FX Belle Nightlight

At Target.com

3D Light FX Rapunzel Nightlight

At Target.com

Bedtime Night Light

Disney Princess Ceiling Lights

Blue background garden scene

Repeating pattern with Belle, Snow White, Cinderella and Aurora. Took me a minute to realize that it was Aurora on there twice in the pink dress. All out for a stroll through the garden.

New Image Concepts 42 in. Ceiling Fan with Lamp

Disney Princess Dancing 42″ Ceiling Fan

Features Snow White, Aurora, Belle and Cinderella

Disney Princess Two Light Spot Lights

At AmazonUK
Eligible for US shipping

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