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Dora the Explorer Decor

Dora the Explorer Decor

Exploring the world of Dora decor

Vamanos! Let’s see what’s available in decor for a Dora the Explorer bedroom.

Lots of choices for your toddler or older girl to make their Dora bedroom theme complete. Clocks to sing along with, rugs for under foot and lamps to shed light on books or homework – they’re all there.

Dora the Explorer Clocks

Dora Jumbo Twin Bell Clock

Dora 9.75 inch Wall Clock

Dora the Explorer Projection Alarm Clock Radio 

Available with free shipping at Amazon
Projects images on the ceiling
Connect your ipod or MP3 player

Dora the Explorer Rugs

Big focus on interactivity with these rugs. Tea time or just a scavenger hunt!

Dora Tea Time Play Rug 

$19.96 at Walmart.com
Not sold in stores, online only

Dora Game Rug *** With Carrying Backpack*** – 40″ x 40″

Dora the Explorer Scavenger Game Rug

Dora the Explorer in the Garden with Boots Rug – $35.99

from: Ty’s Toy Box

Dora the Explorer Decor

Dora Jewelry Tree

$4 at Walmart.com

Dora the Explorer Decor
Dora the Explorer 10-piece Plastic Decor in a Box

Get everything you need in one set!

Dora the Explorer Wall Art Room Decoration Easy to Stick Easy to Remove

Dora the Explorer Play Waste Bin

Dora Storage Alarm Clock

Dora The Explorer Time For Adventure Spring Clock And Picture Holder

Dora The Explorer Daydreaming Spring Clock And Picture Holder

Dora the Explorer Flowers Pink Toy Caddy – $34.99

from: Ty’s Toy Box

Dora the Explorer Butterflies and Best Friends Picture Frame – $24.99

from: Ty’s Toy Box

Dora Lights

Dora the Explorer Table Lamp

$20.83 at Walmart.com
Dora in a pink dress
Says “what a bubbly adventure”

Dora the Explorer Dream Explorer Nightlight – $19.99

from: Ty’s Toy Box

Dora the Explorer EVA Sparkle Lamp

Dora the Explorer Night Light

Dora The Explorer Decorative Switchplate

Dora The Explorer Outlet Cover

Dora Lamp Shade

At Target.com

Dalber Dora the Explorer Ceiling Light with 3 Bulbs

At AmazonUK

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