Fire Truck Decor

Fire Truck Decor

What’s hot and red all over? Decor for a fire truck bedroom

From the ceiling to the floor, red engines galore! No really. Add a bit of fireman magic to your little boy’s bedroom with engines on a ceiling fan or a piece of art to hang over his bed. Maybe you’d rather put them on the floor with a rug?

Whatever your need, there’s an engine for that! Some of them are cute and cartoony like the bookends shown here. Others get more realistic and down-right elegant, especially when you start looking at the artwork. In all cases, keep in mind the colors (mostly red, obviously) and how many engines you’d actually want to include in the room. A few make great accents, way too many kills the theme a bit. Think in terms of how many items you’d see in real life. So hydrants and helmets would be a lot, trucks and ladders just a few.

In fact, I’ve found a few items that are based around hydrants, dalmatians, bells and other elements you’d find around a station house. Perfect for turning the room into a realistic looking one for your child.

Fire Truck Lights and Lamps

The lamps here would definitely be strong accents for the room, but the other items? Very nice small touches that don’t overwhelm the theme at all. Plus, a couple of these are hydrants and dalmatians, so great elements that work with the theme without being overly obvious.

Cal Lighting Fire Truck Table Light

Seriously cute and cartoony. You could go with a different type of shade if the white doesn’t work with the rest of your color scheme.

Oopsy Daisy Night Light

Swivel base allows it to work with any outlet
Canvas wrapped art
Bulb included
Comes in gift box

Childrens Night Light – Fire Truck

Firefighter Night Light – Firefighter Gear

Firefighter Night Light – Firetruck Bell

Firefighter Night Light – Firetruck Pump Panel

Emergency Night Light – Dial 911 – Firefighter and Police

Firefighter Night Light – Firetruck Hoses

Fire Truck Rugs

Hook and Ladder Rug
Hook and Ladder Rug

$105.00 at aBaby
Engines, ladders, dalmatians and helmets
Available in red, green or blue (shown)
Three sizes to choose from

LA Rug Fire Engine Rug 25″x39″

Fire Truck Decor

Lots of engines to choose from here, as well as coordinated theme items like hydrants and dalmatian images.

Wood and Working Brass Bell Bookends

Fire Truck Decor hydrant storage

Red Hydrant All Purpose Storage Container
One of my favorite items for this particular theme
Really it’s a dog food storage piece, but works just as well in a bedroom
Check out the ones listed below this one after you click through for some other similar designs

6″ Solid Brass Bell with Knotted Lanyard

Not only goes with the theme, but has the added benefit of being a great way to get them up in the morning!
Easily mounted on wall or ceiling, although screws to do so aren’t included

Fireman Boy Growth Chart 

from: Wayfair
Customize skin, eye and hair color

On Our Way Banner
On Our Way Banner

$62 at aBaby
36″ x 12″


Fire Truck Clock Designs

Elements found at the station as well as at an emergency scene. I’m partial to the bell one, myself. Nice element to add to the theme.

Ruda Overseas 092 Fire Truck Clock
Ruda Overseas Metal Clock

$25.50 at Unbeatable Sale
Batteries included

Personalized Wall Hangings

Add a name to any of these pieces of wall art to personalize your child’s room. Makes a great piece to keep over the years as a memory.

Fire Dog Canvas Art
Dog Canvas Art

$120-$200 at aBaby
Three sizes available

Fire Truck Artwork

Non-personalized options here that range widely in price. The really inexpensive ones are more like posters, which you could hang as is or frame for more durability. The real artwork typically is painted canvas and would be something you’d want as an heirloom type piece.

ModernPOP Designs Fire Truck


The Kids Room Fire Truck with Bucket Wall Plaque

Oopsy Daisy Stretched Canvas Wall Art

Hand-stretched artist quality canvas
Includes sawtooth hanger and artist bio

Art4Kids AB21666 Red Pedal Fire Truck Creative Canvas Art Block Mount
Art4Kids Red Pedal Engine Creative Canvas Art Block Mount

$50.72 at UnbeatableSale
12″ square

Fire Truck Growth Charts

Wooden Growth Stick

$26.60 at Unbeatable Sale


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