Monsters University Decor

Monsters University Decor

Scare up some great designs for your room

Let’s go Scarers! I’m so excited about the new Monsters movie and all the new Monsters University decor we’re getting as a result.

Which means, you can actually do a bedroom themed with Monsters University or Monsters Inc items now! Hooray! The university pieces tend to use a lot of pennants and show Mike in ball cap and retainer, like the decal set in the picture here. Not to mention the school crest and that big “M” with the eye in it. The Inc styles mostly differ by not having the school specific stuff, but you could pretty much use either in setting this room theme.

I’m holding out hope that we’re going to see a few more things coming out, like pennants and bookends and chairs. Based on what we tend to see from other Disney/Pixar lines, I’m expecting those will arrive eventually.

Cool Touches for Around the Room

Let’s start with the small stuff – items you could easily and inexpensively add to set the theme. Or just place in a room to tweak an existing scheme to make it more Monsters-like. (Not to mention, great gift ideas for the Monsters U or Inc fan!)

Monsters University Mike Wazowski Bobble Head
Monsters University Mike Wazowski Bobble Head

$12.99 at Entertainment Earth
Mike – in case you couldn’t tell from the base
Typical for this version – ball cap, books and goofy smile
7″ tall

Monsters University Sulley Bobble Head
Monsters University Sulley Bobble Head

$12.99 at Entertainment Earth
Very young looking Sulley in his frat house t-shirt
7″ tall

More To Sit On The Shelf

Figurines and water globes based on the first movie. You can tell because Mike has on his hard hat and Sulley has a few muscles. Oh – and Boo!!

 Jim Shore Mike Wazowski Figure Jim Shore Sulley Figure Boo Mini Water Globe Sulley Mini Water Globe Mike Mini Water Globe

Light Up The Night

Because there are monsters in the closet, you know!

Disney® Monsters at Play Lamp Base with Shade


Disney Pixar Monsters University Night Light

Monsters University Night Light Assorted Styles

Three designs to choose from

Monsters University Mike Go Glow Light

At AmazonUK

Monsters University Decor

Monsters University Decor step stool
Disney Pixar Monsters University Scare Time Step Stool

Disney® Monsters at Play 2-Piece Canvas Wall Art


Monsters University Decor wall art
Disney Pixar Monsters University Magnetic Wall Art

Use as a memo board. It says it comes with coordinating magnets, which I _think_ are the pennant and school logos.

Monsters University Decor wall hooks
Disney Pixar Monsters University 3-Pack Wall Hooks

Disney Baby Monsters Inc. Premier Tied Storage

Disney Pixar Monsters University Table Lamp

Disney Pixar Monsters University 2-Pack Storage Cubes

Disney Pixar Monsters University Pop Up Hamper

Monsters University 10″ Round Wall Clock

Poster Designs

Movie posters from each of the franchise. Stunningly very few to be found for either, really.

Monsters University Movie Poster

Monsters University – Disney / Pixar Movie Poster

Monsters University Campus

Monsters University Grid

Monsters University Grid Poster

Monsters University – Disney / Pixar Movie Poster – The Whole Gang

Monsters University Furniture

Monsters University Upholstered Chair

Disney Pixar Monsters University Bed Tent with Push Light

Monsters University Flip Out Sofa

At AmazonUK

Monsters University Toy Box

At AmazonUK

Delta Monsters University Storage Shelving Unit

At AmazonUK

Monsters Toddler Bed with Shelf and Storage

At AmazonUK

Monsters University Toddler Feature Bed

At AmazonUK

Monsters Sling Bookcase

At AmazonUK

Delta Monsters University Children’s Table and 2 Chairs

At AmazonUK

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    • I haven’t really seen much Monster Inc or U furniture anywhere in the US as yet. (I say yet because I’m always hopeful.) A few chairs and that’s about it. What I’ve been able to find, I’ve included here. That’s part of why I start looking overseas.

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