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Pirate Furniture

Boat beds and treasure chests galore

Looking for a great signature piece for a pirate bedroom theme? You can’t make more of a statement and set the theme better than with some pirate furniture. Beds to look like pirate ships, treasure chests for storage and even seating with a pirate theme. Any of these are sure to make your little buccaneer happy!

(Note that many of these pieces will also work with a regular nautical theme as well.)

Pirate Beds

Shaped like boats to get your pirate to sea

Little Tikes Pirate Ship Toddler Bed
Little Tikes Pirate Ship Toddler Bed

At Target.com

KidKraft Pirate Toddler Bed- Multi Color • Kid Kraft • $236.70

At diapers.com

Pirate Storage

Treasure chests, of course

Guidecraft Pirate Treasure Chest Toy Box

$142.99 at Wayfair
Free shipping

Pirate Treasure Chest • jcpenney

Online only

Just Kids Stuff Pirate Toy Chest

$164.95 at Wayfair
Free shipping

Pirate's Cove Bookcase
Pirate’s Cove Bookcase

$2,999.99 at aBaby

Pirate's Cove Dresser
Pirate’s Cove Dresser

$2,599.00 at aBaby

Pirate Tables, Chairs and Stools

Pirate Ship Bean Bag Chair

Seating Die Pirate’s treasure

Pirate Bean Bag Chair

THE BULL Mini Fashion Bean Bag Chair – Playground Pirates

Guidecraft Wooden Pirate Ship Rocker

$185.99 at Wayfair
Free shipping
46″ long

Guidecraft Table and Chair Set with Pirate Motif

$155.40 at Wayfair
Free shipping
Pirate ships on the chairs, treasure map on the table

Ship Table and Chair Set

$430 at aBaby
Hand-painted table and two chairs

Guidecraft Pirate Chair Set

$70.99 at Wayfair

Guidecraft Pirate Rocking Chair

$85.99 at Wayfair
Free shipping

Pirate Fun

ALEX® Toys – Pirate Pop-Up Tent Play Set

Haba Play Tent Pirate’s Treasure

$134.99 at Wayfair
Free shipping
Fit in a small carry bag for storage

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