Smurf Furniture

Smurf Furniture

Smurf furniture comes in a few different designs, although all of it is on the same basic pieces sized for toddlers. The bean bag chairs could possibly hold out for an older child, but in general, we’re looking at furniture for pretty young kids.

Smurf Furniture – Love

Lots of blue with some green accents. These feature Smurfette with Dreamy (I think!) with hearts as the main image. A few of the pieces do include cameos of other Smurfs across the bases.

3 Piece Love Toddler Set, The Smurfs

Smurfs Kids Flip Sofa, Love

Smurfs Love Small Standard Rocker

$63.22 at

Smurfs Love Bean Chair

$39.60 at

Smurfs Kids Bean Bag, Love

Smurfs Storage Ottoman, Love

Love Large Round Storage Ottoman, The Smurfs

Smurf Furniture

Standard Rocker, Small Smurfs

Flip Sofa, Smurfs

Bean Bag, Smurfs

Storage Ottoman, Smurfs

Bean Chair, Smurfs

Smurf Village Furniture

Green is the main color here as the image is of the Smurf village with lots of grass. The contrast panels are green with The Smurfs logo in blue and white. Not a lot of pieces left in this version.

Smurf Bean Bag Chair

$51.64 at

Smurfs Bean Bag Chair

$36.58 at

Smurfs Kids Rocking Chair

$62 at

Other Smurf Furniture

Smurfs 2 Flip Open Sofa

Surprisingly the only piece I found with the movie versions

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