Dinosaur Wall Decals

Dinosaur Wall Decals

Add some decals to complete the look of any Jurrasic-themed space. Combine elements from various sets to create a look all your own – like in this picture where they peek out around the furniture.

There’s a nice range – well, really a huge range – of style and design choices here. I’ve started with some cartoony looking drawings that would work well for a nursery or younger kids, moving on to huge realistic looking dinos that scare the pants off me, but an older child would probably love. I have a paleontologist friend who would have wanted them all over as a teen. (And would probably want them in his office now!)

Walls of the Wild Designs

These are among my favorites. Realistic designs, but not necessarily scary. They’re just the individual dinos, not a scene or mural, so you’ll need to have a plan for how you want to use them so they don’t look lost on the walls. These are the smaller ones offered by Walls of the Wild, so they’re pretty inexpensive. All are available at Amazon and are free shipping eligible.







Cartoony Dinosaur Wall Decals

Perfect for a nursery or young child’s room

Bright colors and coloring book style art make these work great for little children. Look for a style you like, then decorate the rest of the nursery in those colors or go the other way to find colors to work with the bedding you’ve already chosen.

There’s a lot of green and brown used, if only for all the trees, but orange, yellow and blue make their appearances.

Babysaurus Wall Decals
Babysaurus Decals

At RoomMates
42 stickers total
Includes trees, grass, sun and clouds

Brewster Spirit Peel & Stick Dinosaurs European Wall Decals

4 Walls Dino Might Accent Wall Decal

from: Wayfair

4 Walls Dino Might Accent Wall Decal

from: Wayfair

Madras Dino Wall Decals • Pottery Barn Kids

4 Walls Dino Might Accent Wall Decal

from: Wayfair

Baby Dinosaurs
Baby Dinosaurs

Realistic and Roaring Dinosaur Wall Decals

Don’t know about you, but some of these designs just flat out scare me. There is no way I could sleep with that raptor roaming around. Still, these are pretty darned cool, in part because of the art style, in part because of the huge sizes some of them come in.

A few of these are large collections featuring several different breeds, while others allow you to pick your favorite to feature. Pay attention to the sizing when you click through to purchase; you want to make sure you have the space to put up some of the big guys.

Lots of brown and green through here, which isn’t surprising given the way we typically draw these guys. The stegosaurus has a touch of orange in him, but that’s all the color you get.

EMIRACLEZE 3d Dinosaur Removable Mural

At Amazon.com

Dinosaur Wall Decals
Dinosaur Decals

At RoomMates

T-Rex Through the Wall

At Wayfair

Dinosaurs Giant Wall Decals
Roaring Giant Decals

Decals are made of vinyl and measure approximately 54″ wide x 44″ high. Includes three sizes of dinosaur, 1 “Dinosaurs” phrase and 1 light switch cover.
Comes with 3″ yellow squeegee.

Dinosaur Wall Decals
Dinosaur Decals

At RoomMates
25 stickers total
Small sizes make them great for unusual places like lamp shades

Dinosaur Giant Wall Decal
Dinosaur Giant Decal

At RoomMates

Dinosaurs Group One
Fathead Collection

Stegosaurus, raptor and apatosaurus

Dinosaurs Group Two
Fathead Collection 2

T-rex, euoplocephalus and triceratops

Graphical Dinosaur Wall Decals

These are a little more my style. Not meant to be realistic, but not always moving into the cartoony style either. Really great for a more modern decorating style.

Chalkboard Dinosaur Wall Decals

Alphabet Garden Designs Chalkboard Dinosaur Decal

Six sizes to choose from
Price starts at $32

Chalkasaurus Wall Stickers
Chalkasaurus Wall Stickers

from: Pokkadots & ModernNursery

Dinosaur Wallpaper and Borders

Harlequin Jolly Jurassic Children’s Wallpaper

£31.00 at John Lewis

Harlequin Wallpaper, Jolly Jurassic

£31.00 at John Lewis

Dino Dig Light Brown Wallpaper Border
Dino Dig Brown Wallpaper Border
Dino Dig Blue Wallpaper Border
Dino Dig Wallpaper Borders

Each at RoomMates

Dinosaur Peel & Stick Border
Dinosaur Peel & Stick Border

At RoomMates

Massive Dinosaur Murals

Dinosaur XL Wallpaper Mural 6' x 10.5'
Dinosaur XL Wallpaper Mural 6′ x 10.5′

At RoomMates

Dinosaur Vinyl Mural Wall Stickers
Dinosaur Vinyl Mural Stickers

$44.99 at WallStickerShop
48 x 42½”

Pre-pasted Mural

Available at Amazon

Dino Blackboard Mural

Wallies Dino Park Interactive Vinyl Peel and Stick Wall Mural – $24.99

from: Wayfair
1 dino park 23″ x 17½”
1 banner 8″ x 3″
6 trees 1¾” x 2¾” to 4¼” x 4¾”
10 dinos 6¾” x 3¾” to 13″ x 6″
18 footprints 1″ x 1″ to 1½” x 1½”

Dinosaur Doodles

Prices start at $174 at MagicMurals
Three sizes to choose from or make it custom sized

Cute Dinosaurs

Prices start at $75 at MagicMurals
Three sizes to choose from or make it custom sized

T-Rex Dinosaur

Prices start at $137 at MagicMurals
Three sizes to choose from or make it custom sized

Dinosaur Landscape

Prices start at $175 at MagicMurals
Three sizes to choose from or make it custom sized

Customizable Dinosaur Murals

These come from Murals Your Way and are customizable in several different ways. They’ll add your child’s name to the mural, add or remove sections to make it the exact size you need and even change some of the colors on some. Pretty cool. These are just a few of the dinosaur designs they carry. Prices start at around $170 and go up depending on the size, material and amount of customization.

The Dinosaurs Vinyl Mural

Dino Valley Landscape Vinyl Mural

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