Super Mario Wall Decals

Super Mario Wall Decals

Mario Kart or Super Mario Galaxy? Old school Super Mario Bros or the new one? No matter what version, you can show your love for our favorite little plumber, his adventures and his friends with some cool stickers featuring art from the games.

Me? I’m definitely a Galaxy girl. (Seriously wish they would do a third one of those!) And I love the graphics for that game. But the penguin suit is definitely my favorite of the ones on this page. The images here come from several different games that feature the various characters from Luigi to Princess Peach to Bowser (boo!).

Classic Game Graphics

Ok, so let’s start at the very beginning, shall we? With images made famous from the first set of games way back on the old Nintendo machines. That said, most of these have definitely been CGI-3Ded to update them so they look more modern.

Super Mario: Wall Decals
Super Mario Decals

$14.49 at RoomMates
35 stickers total
Includes Bowser, Toad and that annoying guy who flies around on the cloud

Nintendo Super Mario Bros. Build A Scene Wall Decals
Nintendo Super Mario Bros. Build A Scene Wall Decals


Super Mario: Bowser Giant Wall Decal
Bowser Giant Decal

$26.49 at RoomMates
Roughly 30″ square when assembled

Eden Art Super Mario Baseball

Nintendo Wall Graphics
Nintendo Graphics

$69.99 at ThinkGeek
Featuring Mario and his friends and enemies through his evolution from 15 pixel high sprite to fully 3d-rendered hyperbeing.
Classic pixelated images that make a nice backdrop to other themed items

blik Super Mario Bros. Re-stick Wall Decals

Super Mario Bros Designs

These are images from the new version of the game that came out for the Wii rather than the classic ones. This game drove me nuts! Mostly because I kept getting in my husband’s way and suck at jumping. Plus, I apparently think better in three-dimensions like in Galaxy than in the two dimensions of this one. (Had the same problem in Donkey Kong. Argh.)

New Super Mario Bros. Wii: Wall Decals
New Super Mario Bros. Wii Sticker Set

$14.49 at RoomMates
35 decals total
Everyone’s on a Yoshi!

Gadfly Super Mario Removable Wall Decor

Super Mario Bros. Giant Wall Decals
Super Mario Bros. Giant Decals

I love this one because of the brick pieces and coins
Decal sheet is made of vinyl and measure approximately 54″ wide x 44″ high.
Includes 3″ yellow Squeegee. Also includes full use and care instructions.

Mario Bros Wall Decals

Super Mario Bros Wall Stickers

Super Mario Kart Decals

Whee! Off the cliff I go. Again. Ha. I love this game, and I swear I’m getting better at it. My preference is a nice heavy car most of the time, but the graphics here show a few of the characters in several of the vehicle options.

Mario Kart™ 8 Peel and Stick Wall Decals
Mario Kart™ 8 Peel and Stick Wall Decals


  • Seven wall decals featuring Mario™, Luigi™, Princess Peach™, Yoshi™, Wario™, Bowser™ Lakitu™ and Donkey Kong™ in race mode
  • 37 wall decals featuring a variety of Mario Kart 8 themed wall decals including coins, mushrooms, Koopa shells, banana peels, and more

Mario Kart™ 8 Giant Wall Decals
Mario Kart™ 8 Giant Wall Decals


  • One wall decal of Mario™ speeding to the finish line on his kart
  • One text wall sticker that says, “Mario Kart 8”
  • Five wall stickers featuring coins, mushrooms and a banana peel to use as fillers on the wall

Mario Kart Wii: Wall Decals
Mario Kart Wii Sticker Set

$14.49 at RoomMates

Mario Kart Giant Wall Decals
Mario Kart Giant Decals

Mario Kart Wii Princess Peach Giant Wall Decal
Princess Peach Giant Decal

Mario Kart Wii Luigi Giant Wall Decal
Luigi Giant Decal

Mario Kart Wii Toad Giant Wall Decal
Toad Giant Decal

Mario Kart Wii Donkey Kong Giant Wall Decal
Donkey Kong Giant Decal

Mario Kart Wii Yoshi Giant Wall Decal
Yoshi Giant Decal

Nintendo Wall Graffix: Mario Kart

Super Mario Galaxy 2 Wall Decals

Super Mario Galaxy 2: Wall Decals
Super Mario Galaxy 2: Wall Decals

$14.49 at RoomMates

Super Mario Galaxy 2: Giant Wall Decal
Super Mario Galaxy 2: Giant Wall Decal

$26.49 at RoomMates

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