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Surf Wall Decals

Surf Wall Decals

One of my favorite things about a surfing-themed bedroom is all the great opportunities for dramatic scenes. Big boards, giant waves, beaches – they all make for wonderful art on the walls. And the easiest way to get them there is with decals. From complete beach scenes to individual elements, there are a lot of choices to be had. Graphics for big waves, decorative boards, beach scenes and action shots to take care of all your decor needs.

I’ve got things organized with the designs that feature surfers and waves, like the one in the picture here together, then all the board graphics together. Any could work well in a beach themed room, as well as this theme. Lots of bright colors, and several allow you to custom pick the color that works best for your decor.

Check out the options below – individual stickers to place around the room, complete kits to create a scene or large murals. There’s a style, size and design perfect for your child’s room.

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Action Shot Surf Wall Decals

Art with the rider on the board and the waves

These guys have already hit the waves, providing some action scenes for the walls. The pictures catch them just coasting on waves and up in the air. Oh, and there’s also a giant wave perfect for setting the background to a surf room. Most of them allow you the option to pick the color you want that will work best with the scheme you’ve chosen.

Keep Surfing Kids Wall Decal

From CoolWallArt
43″ x 28″
Your choice of several colors

Big Surfboard Wall Decals

Can’t have this theme without one!

Pretty standard image to put on the wall for a surfing-themed bedroom. Especially if you don’t have any actual boards to hang up there! These guys don’t require any waxing and are easy to install, so bonus there. But they might just make you long for the water even more.

Boards and Hibiscus Flowers Stickers

3 Larger boards measure 20″ x 5″
2 Smaller boards measure 12″ x 3″
17 Flowers are various sizes ranging from 2″ to .5″

Paradise Wall Decal

Six feet tall, place at angle or straight up and down
Your choice of 16 colors, including metallics

Boards Design Decals

Your choice of 16 colors, including metallics
Boards range from 4’2″ to 5″ tall

Wallpaper Cutout

Pre-pasted wallpaper, not a removable decal

Guy in A Barrel Wall Decal For Home or Office- Surfing Decor – Beach Decal

Surfing Wall Borders

Candice Olson Surf’s Up Border

Two color schemes to choose from
Eligible for free shipping at Amazon

Wallpaper Border ~ Surf’s Up

Pacific Surf Border

Surfing Wall Mural Designs

Surf Dog Wall Mural • PBteen

Kelly Slater Eco Canvas Wall Mural, Atol

At PBteen.com

Surf Guy Collage Wall Mural • PBteen

Sunset Surfer on Wave

Prices start at $156 at MagicMurals
Three sizes to choose from or make it custom

Colorful Surfboards

Prices start at $137 at MagicMurals
Three sizes to choose from or make it custom

Surf’s Up

Prices start at $150 at MagicMurals
Three sizes to choose from or make it custom

Retro Surfing

Prices start at $100 at MagicMurals
Three sizes to choose from or make it custom

Customizable Surf Murals

These come from Murals Your Way and are customizable in several different ways. They’ll add your child’s name to the mural, add or remove sections to make it the exact size you need and even change some of the colors on some. Pretty cool. These are just a sampling of the surfing designs they carry. Prices start at around $170 and go up depending on the size, material and amount of customization.

Gone Surfing Vinyl Wall Mural

Steps Away, Oahu North Shore Vinyl Wall Mural

Mavericks California Vinyl Wall Mural

Beach Signs-Surf Shack Vinyl Wall Mural

Pier Group Vinyl Wall Mural

Surfboards Vinyl Wall Mural

Buttercup Buick Vinyl Wall Mural

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  1. Hi there im after a large mural the pier group vinyl wall mural one.cant seem to find it anywhere, can u ols help.
    Many thanks

    • Just head directly to Murals Your Way and type “pier group” in their search box. (Their links aren’t working on my site right now, which is why clicking it doesn’t take you there.)

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