Duct tape decorating ideas for kid’s rooms

I am fascinated by the number of things you can do with duct tape these days. And the many many many prints and colors it comes in even! All of which has led to lots of books and projects using duct tape.

But, when I look through the tables of contents for various books, most of the projects are for cute things like purses or hair decorations or wallets. Very few duct tape decorating ideas.

Fortunately, not everyone needs a book to get an idea, right? In fact, I recently ran across a great dresser makeover by Nicole over at Needs More Crayons. She totally changed the look of this plain dresser just by using duct tape on the drawer fronts and changing out the knobs. Cute, huh?

duct tape decorating - before and after dresser decorated with duct tape

Nicole combined a couple of different patterns with some solids to get this cute look for her son. She said it was pretty flexible in terms of putting it down and pulling it back up to get it straight, so it seems like a pretty forgiving way to decorate. Not to mention, duct tape is far more durable than paint when you’re talking about kid’s furniture!

Available Duct Tape Designs

Oh my. Where to start with duct tape decorating? Obviously with picking out your duct tape, and I suppose I should add a disclaimer that there is no way I could include all the possible duct tape designs available. No way. So I’m just picking and choosing from some of my favorites and letting you browse around for others. Otherwise, we’ll be here all day!

Designs basically fall within three categories for me: patterns, colors and characters.

Patterned Duct Tape

This is almost an unlimited category, actually. Think of a pattern, any pattern, and odds are you can get it on duct tape. Argyle, zebra, polka dot, camo – all are represented and across a few different brands.

Duck Brand seems to have the most variety, everything from mustaches to animals to tie dye. Scotch has several novelty patterns, including stars, cupcakes and animal prints. If you’re looking for more classy and less novelty, Platypus Designer comes in chevron, polka dot and gingham. I’ve picked out a few of my favorites that would work with some of the more popular themes on this site.

 Peace Sign Wild Heart Union Jack Plaid to Meet You Rainbow

If you’re interested in the patterns Nicole used on the dresser, the blue and purple is Retro Tiles from Scotch and the black and white is Zig-Zag Zebra from Duck.

Colored Duct Tape

purple duct tape

Once upon a time, duct tape came in one color – duct, er, silver. Then came everything from duct tape wallets to duct tape dresses. And so colored duct tape was introduced.

Today, the range is wider than ever –  from red and yellow to brown and beige – making it an easy task to find the color you want. Scotch has kits that pair a solid with a pattern, but you can mix and match as you please. If you order online, keep in mind that purple isn’t the same across all the designs, but you can probably get pretty close.

Nicole paired the zebra print with some black and the retro tiles with a matching blue.

Pairing with a pattern isn’t the only way to use the solid colors, though. You could use a rainbow of colors to do a different one on each drawer or just make a rainbow of stripes. Neater and easier than paint at least!

Character Duct Tape

justin bieber duct tapeEvery kid has a favorite character, whether a super hero or toy or cartoon. And you can find quite a few of them on duct tape. Hooray!

Super popular – or at least searched for quite a bit – is the Justin Bieber duct tape in the picture here. It’s in the more current gray and purple colors with the up-to-date pictures from Boyfriend. Great not just for decor but for making your own stickers. (Oh, actually, this one and the One Direction duct tape would be great to use to make locker decorations.)

One thing to note about the special character designs, the tape is narrower than what you’ll find in the patterned and colors. These all are 1.88″ wide and 10 yards long, while the others are 3″ wide and typically 15 yards worth.

Duct Tape Decorating Projects from Books

go crazy with duct tape book with duct tape projectsSo just what to do with all these really cool duct tape designs once you get your hands on them? I went looking for things to make out of duct tape to use in the bedroom, which is tougher than it sounds.

A lot of the books out there with duct tape creations and directions focus on small items like purses and wallets and bracelets. Understandable since they are the kind of thing a younger girl can do with little supervision.

But we want decor projects! So here’s what I was able to track down in some of the more popular books: