Quick and easy makeover for dresser drawer fronts

cute drawer fronts to do yourself from martha stewart

Image from MarthaStewart.com

I love quick and easy for DIY projects. They’re the kind of thing that makes everyone feel handy and crafty and creative.

So I just loved this one I found over at MarthaStewart.com to dress up the front of a chest of drawers. Or … well, just about anything made of wood, actually.

Now, her project is specifically around doing a weather-coded bureau, which is fine. Around here, it’d be tough to define any particular garment as being for a specific type of weather, so it’s probably not the designs I would pick. But those are the designs she has templates provided for, so go for it!

As for other ideas, on a drawer, I like the idea of clothing shapes – undies, shirts, pants, socks – defining what goes in each drawer. (In theory, I know.) Or if you have a shared room, putting their names on the drawers so they can have their own spaces. Or just use the dots to do lines or waves or whatever you like. This is the part where you get to be creative.

If you have a soft wood like pine, you could even try doing this with push pins, giving you some bright color options that you wouldn’t have to paint. I’d suggest using a buffer between the head and the hammer, though, to keep the color from coming off. That goes for the painted nails in the original version as well.

Where to find great images to use? Well, these are just the basic outline, really, so a coloring book is a wonderful place to start. Don’t worry about getting lots of the details; you just want the outlined shape.

Just remember whatever you do that it’s about creating a piece that’s all your own through your choice of design and colors.