Disney Frozen fabrics arrive

disney frozen fabrics

Yowsers, but Frozen is hot. Super hot. Olaf must be happy.

So hot, that I was going to let you know that Joann.com had an exclusive line of fabrics featuring the Disney Frozen characters, only it looks like they’ve already sold out of three of them. Seriously? Maybe they’re waiting to add more to the stock. Sheesh.

These fabrics are exclusive to Joann and only available online. Two things I want to mention – first, you aren’t going to save any money making your own bedding or curtains with these guys. (You’re better off checking out what I have in the catalog for Frozen bedding.) They’re $17.24 a yard – yes, you read that correctly – and that’s only because Joann is offering 25% off character prints right now. At 67″ wide, there’s a lot of fabric there, but still!

Secondly, I’m not entirely sure just what these fabrics are. They say 100% polyester, but that’s supremely unhelpful information since polyester can take many forms. The pictures aren’t giving me a clue either about weave or texture. All of which might be moot since all people care about is that it has Elsa and Anna.

There are four designs out – Olaf’s is the only one they’re still showing as available – featuring the various characters. Olaf’s Postcard Toss is a mix of cards with Olaf in his daydream warm scenarios and text like “Celebrate summer”, “I love heat” and “Chillin in the sunshine”. Very bright coloring with lots of orange and yellow to go with the blues.

Scenic Patch has a dark blue background scattered with snowflakes. Snowflakes frame the various cameo images of the characters. Sisters Forever has a super dark purple background with pink and purple hexagons and full body posts of Anna and Elsa. And Elsa gets her own design as the Snow Queen on a ombre that moves from purple to blue to pink with tone-on-tone snowflakes.

 Olaf Postcard Toss Scenic Patch Sisters Forever Purple Toss Elsa Snow Queen Ombre