Taking a few words from The Beatles

wall decal with yellow submarine made out of the Beatles song lyricsI’m old enough that I remember my mom walking around the house singing Beatles’ songs. (Specifically – “will you still need me, will you still feed me, when I’m 64”. We did.)

So I’m really digging all the decor items I keep seeing that take the lyrics from some of those great songs and incorporate them into the design.

blue sign with words from Beatles song hello helloOne of my favorites – although not at all my favorite Beatles song – is the wall decal from RoomMates that makes a yellow submarine with the words from “Yellow Submarine”. Very clever!!! The words and song make it appropriate for grown-up use, but the overall style definitely says “kid” to me. The background is clear, so you get a stenciled effect on any color wall.

If you’ve never seen the Lyricology line of art, you should definitely check it out. And no surprise, but they have a really well-designed sign with the classic line from “Hello, Hello”. Love how it works with the opposites in the song’s message.

One last one here, a cute wall plaque with the tagline from “All You Need Is Love”. And apologies for the fact that you will now spend the rest of the day with that line running through your head! (At least I picked a good one.)

Yellow Submarine Wall Decal
$23.49 at RoomMates

Lyricology Hello Hello Box Decorative Sign
Free shipping at Amazon

“All You Need is Love, Love is All You Need” Wall Sign
Available at Amazon

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