Bedding you can draw on!

doodle bedding you can write onI loved to color as a child. Still do. Turned all the black and white drawings in my Little House books into full color images.

I even “ruined” a pair of my babysitter’s shoes once by coloring them with markers. They would have been hot stuff today. Sigh.

So, of course, I just love these bedding pieces from Doodle by Stitch. They’re meant to be colored on. Over and over and over.

They make a duvet and pillowcase that are sold separately from each other but do include the 8-marker set. The special ink is designed to just wash out whenever you want to start with a blank piece of paper, er … fabric.

The pillowcase has the lined paper on one side, then a picture frame image on the other. The duvet is just the lined paper and comes in twin and queen sizes. Either or both make for a great gift idea for a tween girl, actually. (And Christmas is just around the corner!)

You can pick up just the pen set, although there’s nothing mentioned in the description about what kind of fabrics to use them on. The bedding is all cotton, so I’d think any other cotton could work, but it doesn’t specifically say. Oh, and there’s some confusion on the pen set as well. It says 10-pack, but then only lists eight colors – black, blue, green, yellow, orange, pink, red and purple. In the picture above, there’s also a gray and light blue. Not sure if they actually are included or not. The descriptions for the bedding specifically say there are just the eight pens.