Muppets mayhem for the bedroom

Muppets bedding Comforter at TargetMuppets!!!!

I was so excited to see the Muppets making a comeback on the big screen last year and winning over a new generation. And given Disney’s marketing prowess, it wasn’t long until we started seeing a lot of cool products out featuring our favorite characters as well.

But while you can get all kinds of toys and shirts and school supplies with Kermit or Fozzie or Miss Piggy, stuff for a kids room has been in short supply. (Why does that line of merchandise always take the longest to get!?!) You can always do Muppet posters and toys, even toss in a few Muppets wall decals to create a Muppets bedroom. Pick a character color – green for Kermit, pink for Miss Piggy, red for Animal – and use that as a base and emphasis for the room.

Muppets bedding Sheet Set at Target

Or you could start the easy way with Muppets bedding. If you can find any, that is. The only set I’ve seen so far (in the US) has been this Muppets comforter and sheet set over at Target. Fortunately, they’re pretty darned cool, so that kind of makes up for it being the only one out there. Because of the colors in the comforter, you could go with gray, navy or red for the wall behind the bed. All would work great.

Downside? Yes, there is one. A big one. Or rather, a small one. The bedding only comes in twin size. Bummer. Especially given how many grown-ups today have been Muppets fans for years. Fingers crossed for that to change someday soon!

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