Picket fences work in all kinds of themes

Picket Fence - Gothic Picket Fence

Love these new decals from Fathead! Because fences are lovely decorative details that can work in just about any theme that involves the outdoors.

Run the fence down one wall of the room to show the edge of a backyard, then decorate the rest of the room based on whether you’re inside or outside the yard. I especially like it with a tea party or maybe even the Backyardigans!

Now, yes, a fence is pretty easy to paint on the wall. It’s just a matter of getting your lines all straight and keeping the tops of the posts even. There are even stencils to get you there easily. (I actually own the one from Plaid, which has all the details for a gate and so forth.) Bonus points for a stencil is you can get a pretty realistic fence, create as much or as little fencing as you like and make it whatever color you like. But … it take a lot of time and patience to make that happen. Trust me.

So the decals – they have their limitations, but they really are a nice way to get a simple design element on the wall quickly. The two from Fathead here give you a gothic look with the rounded tops to the slats and a standard picket look with wider slats and pointed tops. Each decal comes with four sections that are three feet wide, making them a nice option for two twin-bed headboards, actually. Or 12 feet of fencing on a wall.

Whichever you choose, make sure you have a plan for a color on the wall first (and give it 30 days to cure before sticking up the decal!). The white is not going to contrast well with the standard beige you see in most houses. Get bold!

(Side note: In case you were wondering about other elements in the picture, the cute little blue guy on the bed is a cuddle creature from LittleMissMatched and the pink alarm clock on the night stand is a Barbie design.)

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