Start with a signature piece when executing a kids bedroom idea

You’ve decided on a bedroom theme for your little girl or boy but where to start on actually executing it? After all, when you can get SpongeBob sheets and a SpongeBob comforter and a SpongeBob rug and SpongeBob posters and SpongeBob trashcan … just where does it stop? How much is too much? Ack!

My advice has always been to start with one signature piece and build around it. Generally, this would be the biggest thing in the room, but it could be a collection of small art pieces or figurines. You start there, build out and keep the theme from overwhelming the room.

Great examples of a signature piece would be bedding, rug, wall mural, artwork and furniture. That sounds obvious as I write it, but it’s so easy to forget them. The bedding is an easy one as the bed tends to be the focus of the room and there are so many themed options for that. But what about the other pieces?

With rugs and wall artwork (whether mural or decals or posters), it’s a little more difficult to define the next step. Do you still get bedding with the theme? Do you need to have nothing else with the theme? Two things to consider here in my book – scale and focus.

Scale – This one is all about pattern mixing. (Everyone’s favorite thing!) If your signature piece is big and dominating, you don’t want other articles to be big and dominating as well. For example, let’s say your signature piece is this really cool baseball field mural. Well, you might not want to use a big baseball headboard. But those really cool ones they make out of baseball bats would be smaller and subtler and work nicely. You might then pair it with a pinstriped comforter to mimic baseball uniforms rather than a comforter with baseballs all over it. The other patterns/items go with the main piece without being plain solid pieces. (I now want this bedroom!)

Focus – This is all about where you want the eye to fall. Is that rug so special you want that to be the thing guests go “ooo, where did you get that” over? Or is it just within the theme and the first thing you have? The more focus you want on that piece, the less spotlight you need to shine on other places. That could mean going with solid or non-theme-patterned bedding. It could mean balancing out a big signature piece with small theme pieces like throw pillows or shelf accessories.

The point of the signature piece is to set the theme for the room. Use it as a launching pad to make the rest of the decorating a breeze!

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