Buzzing for bee crib bedding

Buzz!!! You’re probably busy as a bee getting ready for your new baby, so no surprise you might have considered bee crib bedding as a starting point for your decorating.

I’m always surprised that there aren’t more options here. After all, bees are yellow, which is considered a pretty gender neutral color. They’re out in nature, which generally provides all kinds of popular themes. And while they can be harmful in reality, we kind of get warm fuzzy feelings about them in general.

So, I’ve gathered the bumble bee baby bedding I could find, and while there aren’t a lot of options, there are enough to let you choose between cute and elegant. You could also opt for plain yellow baby bedding and introduce bees through decor items or painted on the walls.

Speaking of the walls, you’ve probably heard yellow isn’t a great color to paint a nursery. Supposedly makes babies cry. A lot. And that’s true if you use a lot or use a really bright yellow. Soft pale yellows aren’t that much of an issue and you could definitely plan on working it in in small doses like stripes or just below a chair rail. (Check out Project Nursery for how color affects your baby and more on color psychology at About.)

Yellow generally pairs great with green, brown, gray, pink and blue. In fact, green, brown and gray are the most commonly teamed up with yellow in the bee baby bedding sets I was able to track down. (Interesting since bees are yellow and black. Not appropriate for a nursery?)

Bee Crib Bedding Sets

Tiddliwinks Bee Meadow Baby Bedding Set
Tiddliwinks Bee Meadow Baby Bedding Set

Bee My Baby Crib Bedding
Brandee Danielle Bee My Baby Crib Bedding Collection

$260 at

Brandee Danielle Flutter Bees Crib Bedding Set

$197.99 at

Boutique Brand New GEENNY Bumble Bee 13PCS CRIB BEDDING SET

Yellow Bumble Bee Crib Bedding Set
Designer Yellow Bumble Bee Crib Bedding Set by Sweet Jojo Designs

Cocalo Petit Tresor French Bee baby Bedding Set
Cocalo Petit Tresor French Bee Crib Bedding Set

Really elegant design in trendy yellow and gray
The yellow has honeycomb pattern in white on it

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