Teen Bedroom Ideas: Hidden speakers

Got a small room? Don’t want to take up precious desk space with an iPod speaker dock?

I’ve found a couple of interesting ideas for hiding speakers in the room. That don’t require you to do any wiring. Yeah!

The first one is headboards from Homelegance like the dark brown speaker  headboard in the picture. They also make them in sports themes like football, basketball and soccer. The speakers are double-mounted with adjustable volume and compatibility with just about any MP3 player. Oh – and check out that little pocket in the side to hold the player!

Next up is the Ellery Sound Asleep Comfort Pillow with Built-in Speaker. Mouthful, huh? It’s an interesting idea, actually. A speaker inside a pillow so you can listen to whatever you want as you fall asleep. I thought surely that would be uncomfortable, but a lot of people in the reviews said it was actually really good. Sound quality is great and it’s generally a good pillow. Nice.

The pillow comes with detachable 46″ stereo cable plus, so you can use it with just about anything, including a TV. Wow. (Great option for the person who wants to listen when the other person doesn’t.)

Homelegance Dark Brown Speaker Full Headboard
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Ellery Sound Asleep Comfort Pillow with Built-in Speaker
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