Ideas for Creating a Maisy Bedroom

Create a delightful Maisy bedroom for your toddler

Maisy has been out visiting her friends and wants to come visit your toddler next! Create a great Maisy-themed bedroom for your child with Maisy bedroom and fabrics or maybe you want to make their bedroom look just like Maisy’s.

I’ve got ideas here as well as all the things I could find that might help you pull off the best Maisy bedroom ever.

(Image of Maisy’s bedroom from the Maisy books. No ownership rights implied.)

Color Schemes for a Maisy Bedroom

Just a few ideas based on images from the Maisy books and her clothing and bedroom.

Red, yellow, blue – Basic primary colors that work for just about any toddler bedroom. Maisy is often dressed in red overalls and blue shirt, or blue overalls with a red and green shirt. And Maisy lives in a yellow house with a red roof.

Red and orange – Based on Maisy’s red dress with the orange hearts. use red as your main color and don’t forget to add hearts to the decor pattern as well.

Green and red and soccer balls – Based on Maisy’s soccer uniform of a red top, green and white stripe shorts. And the soccer decor could be something that can grow easily with your child.

Red, yellow, blue, white, black – Based on Maisy’s quilt in her bedroom. Just a nice mix of colors with the primaries as the base, really. Lots of options for items to add to a toddler bedroom in these colors.

Maisy Bedding Sets

There are two commercial sets available out there (in the US, anyway), one in yellow and one in blue. And their images are definitely set so you could use one for a little girl and one for a little boy.

Queen Maisy 4pc. Toddler Bedding Set Yellow

Includes comforter and sheet set

Sports Star Maisy 4pc. Toddler Bedding Set Blue

Make Your Own Maisy Bedding

There’s some cute fabric options out there, if you happen to be crafty. You could make a quilt in just straight color blocks like Maisy’s; that would be simplest options, actually.

Or you could put together a bedding set (there are lots of patterns out there) using some Maisy special fabrics. There’s a great line out there now with a couple of fabrics that actually have Maisy on them; the rest of the line is in nice bright colors with numbers and swirls and dots and daisies. All perfect to add to a Maisy bedroom. Check out what’s available at Amazon now.
Maisy Panel Activities Multi Maisy Counts Panel Yellow/White Maisy Counts Flannel Blocks Multi

Ideas for scenes or secondary themes

Because the options for Maisy bedding are so limited (for now), you might consider a secondary theme or just some scenes that would make sense in a Maisy context. Think about which Maisy book is your child’s favorite and start from there.

You could then start there with bedding that goes with that theme or choose neutral patterns for the bedding and add in the second theme with accessories. A few ideas to get you started:

  • Colors and counting
  • At the beach
  • At the farm
  • Camping
  • Shopping
  • Swimming
  • School
  • ABC
  • Soccer

Maisy Decor

Maisy Bookcase

Look! It’s Maisy’s house!

Maisy and the Band
Maisy and the Band
$14.99 at AllPosters

Maisy 2-Knob Wall Rack

Maisy Growth Stick