Toddler Bedroom Ideas: Mod bedding designs for little kids

blue toddler boy beddingTake a quick scan through the most popular toddler bedding and you’ll see a billion characters you know (and sometimes love!) from TV and movies. And, it’s entirely likely that’s exactly what your child wants.

But what if you’d like to have something a little more flexible at the heart of the room? Something without a real theme that would blend in with decor you’re carrying over from the nursery or decor you’re hoping they’ll keep when they graduate to a big kid room?

How about a single color modern design? One really popular set (that’s also very reasonably priced) is the Metro toddler bedding pictured here that includes the comforter and sheet set. (Oh, and ships free at Amazon!) There’s also a pink version for your little girl’s bed.

Now, if you’d like to work with something other than the traditional pink or blue, Olli & Lime’s toddler bedding might be just the trick. It comes in nice bright colors – Billie in orange and brown pictured here and George in bright lime green and brown. They’re a bit more expensive (being designer and all) and only include the quilt and pillowcase. But still a nice bright gender-neutral option to consider.