Trend Topic: Everyone loves the Brits and the Union Jack

union jack decor

The hardest part of that British-themed bedroom last week was deciding what not to put in. Because when it comes to design trends, the Union Jack has been taking center stage for a while.

I’m not sure if it’s the crisp red, white and blue that draws us. After all, we get that with the American flag as well. But there is a lovely symmetry about the way the stripes are laid out on the British flag. I’ve found in on everythign from the rug under your feet to the clock on the wall and trust me, there are many, many, many more where these came from. These just happened to be some of my favorite ways to bring the Union Jack design into the room.

Have you added a touch of British love to a room? What did you use?

  1. Union Jack Reversible Bed Set (no longer available); alternative option – London & Union Jack Reversible Queen Size Comforter Cover Set
  2. Zuo Union Jack Love Seat
  3. Jack Rug by The Rug Market
  4. Kensington Union Jack 3-Drawer Chest (no longer available) – alternative option: Zuo Era Union Jack Small Cabinet
  5. Union Jack Stool
  6. Union Jack Hooked Footstool
  7. Union Jack Chair Framed Art
  8. Union Jack Framed Wall Art (no longer available)
  9. Union Jack Cube Beanbag
  10. Roger Lascelles Square Union Jack Tin Wall Clock
  11. Union Jack Tray (no longer available)
  12. Union Jack Pond Yacht Sailboat
  13. Union Jack Stackers Jewelry Box
  14. Union Jack Boxes
  15. Naked Decor Live Like a Queen
  16. Union Jack – British Flag Luxury Pillow