Trend Topic: Mustache mania sweeps the bedroom

bedroom decor ideas with mustache designs

My goodness, but they’re everywhere! Mustaches, that is.

For some reason, everyone is just in love with the hairy things, using them on everything from party decorations to costumes to games. And home decor hasn’t been left out.

I’ve collected some of the coolest mustache decor items I could find, perfect for adding that trendy touch to a room. I wouldn’t suggest using them all in one room, though. That would be a hairy mess. (Ha. Get it? Hairy? … .)

UPDATE: I’ve just added an entire page of mustache bedding to the catalog with everything from comforters to throw pillows.

  1. Duvet Cover Mustache Mania
  2. Mustache Rides Humor Vintage Metal Sign
  3. Mustache Pillowcases
  4. Mustache Rug
  5. Mustache Wallpaper
  6. Free Mustache Ride Poster
  7. Mustache Bank
  8. Large Mustache Pillow
  9. Hand Knit Blabla Mustache Man Throw Pillow
  10. Mustache Wall Decal
  11. Mustache Knob
  12. Large Mustache Wood Box
  13. Hello Kitty Mustache Lunchbox